3 Hairstyle Ideas for Spring

The weather is finally warming up, which means we’re putting away our hats and hoodies and getting ready to be out in the sunshine. So the question is: what should we do with our hair?

Here are 3 hairstyle ideas for spring that will have you ready to get outside and enjoy the beautiful days ahead!

1. Braids, Twists, and Bubble Ponytails

Whether you’re out for a jog on a warm day or heading to dinner with a friend, a ponytail or updo with a spin on it is the perfect style for casual and formal occasions alike. The warm spring weather provides an excellent opportunity for wearing a variety of braided styles, twisted pull-throughs, and bubble ponytails. The options are endless!

French braided pigtails, a single braided ponytail, or a few small braids mixed into your regularly styled hair are just a few inspiring ideas. The “bubble ponytail” is a popular choice for those with long hair and simply consists of a classic ponytail broken up into sections and separated with hair ties all the way down; pull the hair a bit loose from each tie to create the bubble effect.

For anyone still working on their braiding skills, try twisting two pieces of hair for a creative way to achieve a look similar to braids without the need to use three sections. Have fun with these style ideas and don’t be afraid to make them your own the next time you’re looking to spice up a spring outfit for any occasion.

2. Chunky highlights

Take the classic blonde highlights that trend during spring—but make them chunky. Just like so many other early-2000’s trends we’re seeing pop up, the chunky highlights are back in style too. In addition to being trendy, thicker highlights add even more brightness to the face which is perfect for all of the sunny spring days coming your way. Ask your local FS stylist about trying chunky highlights at your next color service appointment!

3. Red balayage

Red hair continues to be a major trend this year. If you’re ready to mix things up in a unique way, red balayage is one of the hottest options to incorporate this trendy color into your hair. Balayage is a popular highlighting technique of freely painting the color onto the hair wherever the stylist sees fit, rather than the traditional methods of partial or full highlights. The end result of balayage is often a more natural looking finish on the hair. Using a shade of red hair color in your balayage instead of blonde is a fun way to try something different to celebrate the new season while still staying on trend.

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