6 Ways Your Hair Routine May Be Aging You


It’s tough getting older, and it’s also sometimes challenging to keep our hair looking fantastic, in style and contemporary. While there’s no miracle cure for reversing the effects of time, there are ways to take extra care of your hair.

Learn more about some of the ways your hair routine may be aging you, and how you can combat those for a more youthful appearance. While we may not have the secret to the fountain of youth, our hair routine tips are a close second.

1.     Getting stuck in a hairstyle rut

Wearing the same hairstyle year-in and year-out can certainly make you look out of date. No matter the hairstyle, if you’re always wearing your hair the same way, you can get stuck in a hairstyle rut. While it may be easy to maintain and style each day since you’ve grown accustomed to it, it can also make you appear older.   

The Fix? Change up your hairstyle and try something new! While you don’t necessarily need to try every new hairstyle trend out there, refreshing your hairstyle regularly, or even yearly, can help you look younger. If you’re lost on what to try next or how to update your style, talk to your favorite FS Stylist.

2.     Slacking on regular maintenance


Aging can cause changes in your hair, potentially making it more brittle and prone to damage. Hair can also grow thinner and change texture, and if you forego your regular salon visits, you might end up with an unnecessarily messy or unkempt look.

The Fix? Commit to regular salon visits for a hair trim or shape-up, around every two months. This will keep your hairstyle looking fresh and fantastic.

3.     Ruling out bangs


Some people swoon over the idea of bangs and all their possibilities, while others may have a less optimistic outlook on adding fringe to their hairstyle. Bangs can help you look more youthful, freshen up your look and may even give you a newfound confidence. But even with those possible benefits, some people just rule out bangs, thinking they’re only for “younger people” or that they won’t work for your individual style, face shape or any of the many other reasons you could imagine.

The Fix? Don’t get hung up on one “idea” of what bangs should be. There are countless variations of bangs, and there’s surely one that will work for you! Whether you try longer, side-swept bangs, curtain bangs, micro-fringe or something totally different, simply trying bangs may open up a whole new set of hairstyle possibilities and give your look an upgrade.

4.     Styling your hair too tightly          

Pulling your hair tightly into an updo, ponytail or other hairstyle can contribute to breakage. Plus, with the effects of aging like hair loss or thinning, tightly styled hair can call attention to a receding hair line or other damage.

The Fix? Try a looser, low updo or hairstyle. Trade your sleek, tightly styled ponytail for wispy, face-framing strands. You’ll be showing your hair a little love by giving it a break from tension and refresh your look in the process.

5.     Choosing the wrong hair color


When gray hair starts to appear, our first instinct may be to color it more frequently, and that’s totally fine! But choosing the wrong hair color can have an adverse effect and may actually be dating you. Choosing a hair color that’s too dark may look too harsh with your skin tone and may also show gray hair more prominently as it grows out. Solid, all-over colors can also look less natural and make you look older.

The Fix? Try a mix of highlights and lowlights to help blend in gray as it grows in. Multiple shades throughout your hair can make the color look more natural and help minimize the appearance of your roots.

6.     Improper hair care


As you get older, your hair needs extra moisture. Your hair may change in texture, may become coarse, dry, brittle or frizzy. Keeping it looking fantastic requires special attention and care in the form of moisturizing products and treatments.

The Fix? Add moisturizing products and treatments into your hair care routine, including cleansing and conditioning with a moisturizing conditioner. Eat the right foods to help hair be healthy and protect your hair against additional damage from heat styling. You can also give your hair a little extra TLC with a specialty treatment at your local FS Cut & Color salon.


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