Fall in Love with a New Fall Hair Color

The changing of the seasons is always a great time to rethink your hair color and style. There’s something about the weather turning cooler and the approaching holidays that inspires us to make a change, whether it’s in our daily lives or with our wardrobe. And with the ease of visiting your local Fantastic Sams Cut & Color, it’s easier than ever to update your look for the season and try a new fall hair color.

What are the best hair colors to try for fall? Let’s explore some fantastic shades to refresh your current color or allow you to transform your locks into a new look for the season.

Beautiful Bronde

We love bronde—it’s a mix of brunette and blonde, just as it sounds—and can have countless combinations between the two shades to make the color truly unique to you. Your FS Stylist will apply a mix of highlights and lowlights, which will be determined by your natural root color and your desired outcome.

Whether you’re leaning more toward brunette or a blonder hair color hue overall, your FS Stylist can adjust the application technique to include more of your preferred shade. The goal? A mix of brown and blonde that looks great for the season and could quite possibly be your new favorite fall hair color!

Rich Chocolate Brunette

Perhaps you lightened up your hair color during the summer months for a sun-kissed glow, and you simply need a change. Or maybe you have naturally brown hair and need a hair color refresh to enhance the richness and depth of your hair color for fall. Either way, a rich chocolate brunette shade can help!

With a rich brunette hair color, you have the option for an all-over color, or to incorporate balayage or ombre application techniques into your look. While all-over color is more uniform, balayage is painted on your strands for a more natural look. If you’re starting with a dark root color close to black, for example, a chocolate brunette balayage would look great to transform your hair for fall.

If your natural color is more of a medium brown (even if it’s not brown at all), you can still try a rich chocolate hair color shade. Talk to your FS Stylist about what would look best with your natural hair color and what would complement your skin tone. They’re the expert and would love to bring your vision to life in the salon.

Spicy Cinnamon

When you think of hair colors for fall, do shades of red and auburn come to mind? Reminiscent of the falling leaves, warm spiced cider and delicious cinnamon baked goods, a spicy cinnamon hair color may be just the change your hair needs for the season. Go as bold or as subtle as you like, but try at least some shades of copper, red or spicy cinnamon at your next salon visit.

The first time you try a reddish hair color, it can be a dramatic change depending on what you’re used to. But we always recommend trying a new color to get out of your comfort zone, give you a new outlook on life and maybe even improve your self-confidence.

Going into the last part of the year, don’t forget about adapting your hair care routine for cooler weather. Your professionally colored locks may need a little extra TLC.

Cool as Ice Blonde

Channel your inner ice princess with an icy blonde for the fall season and beyond. Changing your hair to a super light blonde like platinum or white blonde may take some extra time in your FS Stylist’s chair, but it looks absolutely fantastic—plus, it’s a great way to kick off the holiday season.

Prepare for your gatherings with family and friends, holiday parties and family photos with a brand new look, and make sure to share your fall hair colors with us on social.

Whichever fall hair color you try this season, make sure you protect and maintain it with care.


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