Your Ultimate Holiday Hair Guide

The holidays are in full swing, and chances are your calendar is getting packed with events coming up. All that washing, styling, and restyling can take a toll on your locks. Here are some tips, tricks, and ideas for styling and carrying for your hair so you can keep it healthy in the dry, busy days ahead.

Plan Out Your Washes

Did you know that the scalp and face have the most amount of oil-producing glands on your body? Finding the perfect balance between over-washing and under-washing is essential to managing your hair health. Too much washing can strip hair of essential moisture from your natural oils. Too little, and your hair can get greasy and be harder to style.

Although you may feel overwhelmed looking at your full holiday schedule, the bright side is that you have a timeline of when your hair will be put through the wringer. Once you know the right amount of washing that works best for your hair and scalp, take the time to plan ahead when your wash days will be this season.

This will ensure your hair looks its best for all those upcoming gatherings and dinner parties. It’s also the best way to prevent drying out your scalp from too many washes or frying your hair from too much blow drying. Preparation and planning is your secret weapon to tackling a busy holiday schedule!

Try an Updo or Braid for Back-to-Back Events

Too many Secret Santa gift exchanges back-to-back? To stretch the time between wash days, try an updo, braid, or headband style to hide greasy hair. Dry shampoo is another great option for events that pop up and surprise you without a chance to get a wash in; just be careful not to overuse the product which can lead to buildup on the scalp.

The holiday season is the perfect chance to try out a new hairstyle that you might not have an occasion for during the rest of the year. We’d love to see your holiday hairdos! Tag us on Instagram @fantasticsams and follow us for hair inspiration and tips.

Add in Extra Moisture to Your Routine

Winter means dry air, which can leave your hair feeling rough and frizzy. This is the perfect time of year to try out a new moisture-boosting product in your routine. A hair oil, leave-in conditioner, or hair mask are all great ways to boost the hydration in your hair cuticle.

Drying your hair with a gentle microfiber towel and sleeping with silk scrunchies and pillow cases are also excellent methods of preventing breakage of dry strands.

Still feeling dry or just have some questions on what products work best for you? Ask your local Fantastic Sams stylist for more tips!

Get a Trim

Lastly, be sure to stay on top of your hair trimming schedule in order to keep it at its healthiest. Styling, drying, and other environmental factors can wreak havoc on your strands, leaving you with split ends that disrupt your hair growth and create frizz.

Schedule your winter trim and you’ll be surprised at just how great your hair feels and looks with a quick touch up. Without split ends to hold you back, your hair will be able to grow stronger, smoother, and longer. Set the stage for easy holiday styling by creating a healthy foundation of hair first.

In summary, your ultimate holiday hair guide starts with prepping your hair to take on those cold weather days that leave your scalp dry and irritated. Keep up on your trimming schedule, plan out your washing days, and get creative with party updos and braids to stretch the time between washes. Don’t forget to add in moisturizing products when you can! When in doubt, stop by a Fantastic Sams Cut & Color Salon to get tips from our professional stylists.

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