1 Easy Trick to Hide Annoying Hat Hair


Hats are the perfect commodity for almost any sunny occasion.They are not only a great way to shade your face from the sun’s damaging rays but can also add the perfect finishing touch to almost any outfit. Unfortunately, hats can easily create unavoidable, flat hat hair. This one trick will hide hat hair for good.

1 Easy Trick to Hide Annoying Hat Hair

If you intend to stay by the pool all day, this may not be a problem; however, many late summer activities often flip flop between indoor and outdoor events, causing you to quickly transition from one look to another.

Now, your cute summer hat has likely created a flat, not-so-cute hair crease! But don’t let the effects of hat hair stop you from sporting this stylish piece! We have just the trick to hide that annoying hat hair.

If you want to avoid hat hair, simply switch your part! Here are the three easy steps you need to follow:

  1. Which way do you normally part your hair? Once you’ve found it, flip your hair to the opposite side.

  2. Once your hair is flipped you can put on your hat. Tip: it may help even more if you wear your hat towards the newly parted side.

  3. When it’s time to remove your hat, simply flip your hair back to its normal part. This will hide any sign of hat hair and give your hair natural volume!

No longer worry about relentless re-fluffing or pulling up your hair when transitioning from one look to another! Just follow these steps the next time you wear a hat for easy volume and crease-free summer hair.

Note: This trick can also work with any other headgear you may wear this summer such as a bike helmet or trendy headpiece!

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