2018 Hair Resolutions We’ll Be Keeping This Year


2018 Hair Resolutions We’ll Be Keeping This Year

The champagne’s been popped. The glitter and confetti have been swept. Even days later, your feet have blistered evidence of a night spent dancing in your new velvet heels. And it can only mean one thing. You rang in 2018 the best way you know how. And just like every other year, the days that follow are spent convincing others and yourself of the “new you” that will prosper and grow into the healthy, productive, fit, and self-love expert in the next 365 days.

But let’s be real. This resolution-setting mentality simmers down by mid-March like clockwork when we come back to terms with the fact that the best version of ourselves is constantly a work in progress. So this year, instead of setting these lofty, perfectionist goals to master before 11:59 PM on December 31, 2018, we came up with five fantastic resolutions you can actually keep for this next trip around the sun. Here are the 2018 hair resolutions we'll be keeping this year, and hope you will too!

1. Saying "yes" to some hair hydration

Give your hair a little TLC this year, and take off your locks the way you should. Keeping your hair moisturized is one of the best things you can do to keep your hair healthy, strong, and full of life and shine. Especially during the winter months, make a vow to treat your hair to a weekly hydration treatment to trap in as much moisture as possible. Try FS Nourishing Serum to instantly add moisture and shine and reduce frizz. Or invest in some FS Color Protect Deep Repair Masque for the ultimate color protectant hydration treatment. Your hair will thank you later.

2. Saying “no” to split-ends once and for all

Let 2018 be the year you stay on top of your haircut appointments and say “see ya never” to those pesky split-ends. Whether you’re looking for a big chop to put a fresh face forward for the new year or you’re playing it safe with just a trim, make sure you don’t push off your hair appointments. Make your hair a priority this year and find your closest salon to make your hair appointments.  

3. Trying a new hair color

Last year was the year of the self-care. We saw it everywhere from self-care treatments suddenly becoming social media-worthy posts to embracing coziness as a lifestyle (and then as a hair trend). But for us, we’re saying this year is the year of boldness. So be absolutely daring this year. Try out a mushroom brown color hot off the runway, go for whatever color expresses your personality best, or pick out a hair color that is sure to turn heads. This is your year.  

4. Getting to know our hair and what it needs

Get to know your hair, and we mean really get to know your hair. Determine your hair type so you know what kind of products you should be looking for to give it the care and attention your hair needs. Every hair type is different. Some types of hair require far more maintenance than others. Do yourself a favor this year, and know your specific hair type so you can always keep your hair looking its best.

5. Spicing up our go-to hairstyles

How many times have you just thrown your hair into a ponytail and headed out the door? We’re going to guess wavy more times than you can count. But break this habit this year and spice your go-to hairstyle up a bit. It doesn’t have to be anything intricate, but try out some easy braided hairstyles or check out our guide to easy office hairstyles. And don’t forget about the hair accessories.

New Year’s resolutions are all about making whatever changes you need to become the best you. You’re already fantastic, so make sure your hair is too this year.

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