2020 Hair Color Trends to Try


A new decade brings new trends and fresh ideas for color and highlighting techniques, making now the perfect time to switch up your hair color. To get you inspired for a change, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite 2020 hair color trends to try.



Taking its cue from the golden swirls in the sky at sunset, twilighting creates a gorgeous, natural, dimensional look. It’s all about the technique, which relies on a mix of foils and balayage to create a natural flow of color.

Twilighting is a great choice for those with darker hair who want to add a trendy twist with without a drastic change. Although intended to be used on a brown base color, the look can be re-created on almost all hair color shades.



Fashion and beauty have collided in a new fabric-based hair color trend called tweed. A form of balayage highlights, tweed results in  a more sophisticated and subtle look with fine color woven from the roots down the length of the hair, rather than highlights typically concentrated at the ends.

Like tweed fabric, there is a subtle shade difference among the colors. The effect can be achieved by toning down brighter highlights to make them closer to the base color.

Root Shadowing


Root shadowing is a trend to try that blends dark roots to create a “shadow” when contrasted with the rest of your hair. It creates a lived-in look that adds depth and dimension without the need for regular root touch-ups every few weeks.

While you probably think of blonde hair with darker roots, root shadowing is a universal and highly customizable trend that works with any hair color. Brunettes can go deeper with darker brown roots and redheads can strike it rich with more intense copper or cinnamon hues. Even pastel-colored hair can be shadowed with brighter roots.



Speaking of pastels, pale pink, blue and silvery grey are on point for 2020. Muted tones  wash out beautifully, leaving a soft hint of color. These lighter shades can soften your appearance and give your whole look a huge makeover.

If you’d rather make a  bolder statement, try a vivid color or mix and match different shades (think unicorn blues and pinks or mermaid blues and greens).


Dip dyed ends are a great compromise that let you add a bright pop of color without the commitment of going all-in.

Cinnamon Brown


If you’re looking to spice up your color without going too bold, try a dash of cinnamon. Cinnamon brown is a medium brunette shade with a red undertone that provides depth and dimension to add warmth to any style. This versatile shade is easy to tone more brown or lean more heavily towards red, depending on the look you’re going for.

Cinnamon brown works with just about every skin tone. Lighter, warmer shades pair well with fair skin, while olive complexions can pull off deeper, richer tones.

Mushroom Brown


Although inspired by a fungus, this smokey, cool shade is anything but gross. Mushroom brown is a neutral color with the smokey grey-brown tint of its namesake - a portobello mushroom. To create, start with neutral brown hair and add subtle shades of brown and gray.

Dirty Brunette


Move over dirty blondes, brunettes now have their own dirty hue trending in the hair color world. If you’re looking to switch up your hair color but can’t imagine straying too far from your dark brown roots, this hue is for you.

Dirty brunette is essentially the opposite of dirty blonde. Instead of blending brunette lowlights into a blonde base, dirty brunette mixes varying shades of golden blonde highlights into a brown base. This dimensional color gives you all the depth of a brown hue combined with the warmth of blonde shades.

New year, new hue! Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Changing up your color is fun and easy, and there’s no shortage of cool color trends to try. Your new favorite look is just waiting to be discovered.


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