3 Bob Haircuts That Will Make You Feel Younger


3 Bob Haircuts That Will Make You Feel Younger

The history of the bob haircut is an extensive one. This timeless haircut has stolen the hearts of women everywhere for years. And why you ask? Because the bob has a playful, youthful, and flirtatious element that cannot be achieved with any other haircut. We have been huge proponents of the bob on anyone from the mother of the bride to all of our ladies who are constantly on the go for a while now. And our obsession with this easy and classic hairstyle isn’t going anywhere. Among our many reasons we adore the bob haircut is the touch of youth it gives you no matter how old you are. Here are 3 bob haircuts that will make you feel younger.


Strong Bob

We’ve seen it on the red carpet and in the tabloids. The strong bob is officially making headlines in 2018 with its sharp lines and geometric edges and is guaranteed to be one of the trendiest hairstyles this year. So make sure you stay on top of the hair trends with this super chic cut. Not only will your hair stay in style with the strong bob, but the short length combined with the sharpness of this haircut gives a fuller and healthier volume to lifeless locks. Ask your hairstylist during your free consultation for a chin-length cut with blunt edges to amp up your hairstyle with a strong bob. You’ll glow with a youthful radiance from the moment you leave the hairstylist chair.


A-line Bob

The A-line bob is a classic choice for any woman who’s not ready to completely chop off her hair with the dramatic bluntness of a strong bob. With its gentle, face-framing cut, the shape of the A-line bob gives your hair a healthier bounce and maximizes the movement of shorter locks. Wear it straight or add some texture with tousled, soft waves for the ultimate look.  You can never go wrong with the A-line bob.


Shaggy lob

The shaggy lob instantly adds a bit of youth to any hairstyle with its light-as-a-feather texture and tousled bounce. This haircut is super easy to achieve with locks that are a little longer than the lengths you would find in a strong bob or an A-line bob and some textured waves that will make heads turn. The length of this haircut elongates the neck while the tousled waves add texture and movement to the hair. No matter your hair type, the shaggy lob looks flattering on any woman and truly brings out your youthful side.

These 3 bob haircuts are a classic choice no matter how old you are. They say age is just a number, and they aren’t wrong.  For more of the most flattering hairstyles, find out the perfect haircut for your face shape.

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