3 Classic Men's Hairstyles that Women Love


3 Classic Men's Hairstyles that Women Love

In 2016, man buns have abounded. But now that the year is coming to a close, and we’re about to beckon in 2017, it’s time to reevaluate our style choices, gentlemen. 2017 is the year for classic hairstyles for men—the kinds of haircuts your grandfather sported back when men were men and knew how to wield a straight razor.

Buck up, men. We’ve got some grade-A hairstyle advice coming down the line for you.  

If you’re ready to chop off your luscious locks in favor of some classic coifs, look no further than:

The Pompadour

It hardly gets more classic than a hairstyle that’s been around since the 1700’s. No kidding.

To achieve this classic hairstyle, you’ll need about 3 inches of hair to play with. Leave it long on top and longer in the front, and keep the sides and back of your hair clean-cut.

When you’re getting ready in the morning, take a dollop of product in your palm and work it through before you slick it back. This move should give you some added lift and volume (and also keep your hair out of your eyes).

Tired of your hair getting in your eyes? Then you might be the perfect recruit for:

The Buzz Cut

Not for the faint of heart or the chronically cold, the buzz cut is yet another style that’s been around for centuries.  

It pairs well with a sharply tailored suit as well as it does a sweaty pair of running shorts. You might say that it’s the most versatile of all men’s haircuts.

And if you don’t like it? Just wait a couple of months for it to grow out, so you can try:

The Businessman

Somewhere in between the pompadour and the buzz cut, the businessman manages to attract the ladies as much as it impresses your boss.

Considerably shorter on the top and slicked to the side instead of to the back, the businessman haircut is an easy-to-master classic hairstyle.

Ask your hairstylist to make you look like Cary Grant circa His Girl Friday, and you’ll have all the gals swooning in no time.

A tip of our hat to all you hardworking gents out there. 2017 will undoubtedly be the year for your classic hairstyle to take hold.

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