3 Fantastic Color Melt Ideas for the Holidays


3 Fantastic Color Melt Ideas for the Holidays

For all you hair color geeks out there, there is another hair trend in town. Color melting is the next step in the evolution toward seamless hair color transition, and it might be just what you need to make your hair color really turn heads this holiday season. Color melts can either be extreme colors, such as midnight blue melted into emerald green and aquamarine, or they can be more subtle and natural, like auburn melted into a caramel and mocha color. One way or another, there are plenty of fantastic color melt ideas to take your hair from flat and dull to full and luxurious.

But before you head into your closest hair salon, make sure you know exactly what color melt technique you want to rock for the holidays. Check out these 3 fantastic color melt ideas to try out this season.

Color Melt 1: Coppery Red Melted Into Platinum

This transition is especially impressive because it entails melting an intensely warm shade of red with one of the coolest hues on the blonde spectrum. This bold hair color transformation is just the look you need to get that fiery vibrancy you’ve always wanted. The key is to work with the layers of the hair and paint and blend the platinum-toned highlights toward the middle and ends, gloss smudge the mid-shafts, and fully coat the roots after lifting them. Toning is one of the most important aspects of this kind of color melt, so be sure to pay attention to the tone of each shade to avoid brassiness altogether.

Color Melt 2: Pastel Violet to Rose Gold

If you’re on the bright and electric hair color train, this color melt technique is just what you need this holiday season to lighten up your pastel shades into a warmer hue. This color melt magic is best achieved by blending the pastel violet so seamlessly at the roots that it seems as though it could reasonably be your natural color. And in the midsections of your hair, focus on blending the cooler violet in with the slightly warmer rose gold. This process should take mixing and melting several shades in between to get the dreamiest shade you can imagine.

Color Melt 3: Chocolate Brown to Light Ash Blonde

A chocolate brown to light ash blonde color melt is a popular choice for brunettes in the cooler months because of the soft, ashen finish. In order to achieve this hair color melt look, there should be at least three variants blended into the hair to get your desired hue. But don’t be afraid of the warmth of the chocolate brown tone clashing with the coolness of the light ash blonde. The two shades actually play off of each other quite well and leave you with an effortless blend of hues for this holiday season.

Try out these color melt techniques for the warmest blend of colors even when the temperatures are dropping.

Check out some color protect shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair color melt shades warm and shiny all holiday season.


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