3 Hair Brushes That Every Woman Needs


3 Hair Brushes That Every Woman Needs

Fantastic hair care doesn't only come from regular haircuts and professional hair products. You also need the right tools. When it comes to brushing, styling, or combing hair, the choice in hair tool is essential. Using the wrong brush or comb can leave your hair with knots or, even worse, breakage. These are the 3 hair brushes that every woman needs for fantastic hair. 

Flat Paddle Brush

Flat paddles brushes are the most basic type of hairbrush and are multi-purpose for everyday use. Chances are you've had one of these since you were a little girl. They generally come in two shapes - square or oval. A flat paddle brush is a savior for those with thick hair and can help with gentle detangling. They bend with the scalp, which prevents any damage from pulling. Flat paddles brushes can be used on dry hair or wet hair while drying as the wide base gives increased exposure for a hair dryer to reduce drying time and exposure to heat.  While any woman can use a flat paddle brush, they are ideal for women with straight hair or when creating straight styles with a flat iron or blow dryer.  

Pro Tip: Need help creating that smooth sleek shine? Before brushing damp hair apply one or two drops of a nourishing serum from roots to ends. Serums will help reduce drying time and frizzy, flyaway hair. 

Round Brush

The secret to a fabulous at-home blowout? Round brushes. Round brushes are available in various sizes and materials which make them perfect for styling hair. Round brushes with small barrels are ideal for drying and styling bangs. While round brushes with large barrels are ideal for creating a smooth blowout with tons of volume. Long barrels are great for straightening hair, or styling curls and waves. These brushes are best used on wet hair while drying to create smooth locks with tons of volume.

Pro Tip: In need of a little hair magic? Root lifter and a round brush is the best way to amp up your hair volume. 

Wide Tooth Comb

Wide tooth combs are best for detangling wet hair without creating damage. The wide spaces in the teeth create less friction on the hair which prevents breakage or damage. Wide tooth combs are especially great for women with curly or wavy hair as they help prevent split or frayed ends. Wet hair is the most likely to become damaged, so make sure you work at the ends of your hair then gently work your way up to the roots.

Pro Tip: To save time and protect your hair against snarls and tangles consider adding a style prep product or leave-in conditioner to maximize the wide tooth combs ability to detangle and protect your hair. 


If you're doing everything right and still experiencing hair breakage, then consider changing your hair brushes. Flat paddle brushes are great for detangling hair and reducing drying time. Round brushes come in many sizes and are ideal for styling hair. Wide tooth combs are the best for detangling and preventing damage to your beautiful hair! Awe-inspiring hair begins with the right tools, so make sure you have these 3 hair brushes that every woman needs. 



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