3 Hair Product Mistakes You Probably Made This Morning


3 Hair Product Mistakes You Probably Made This Morning

We all want strong, healthy hair with lots of volume and shine, so it's no wonder that the average woman uses on average, five different hair products a day. But too much of a good thing can be bad and less is definitely more when it comes to hair care. Here are 3 hair product mistakes you probably made this morning and how to simplify your haircare routine.

You Used Too Much Hair Product

Many women think that more is better especially when it comes to the amount of hair product they need. In fact, overusing hair product could be the root cause of your hair styling problems. If you use too much product like hair creams, oils or serums you risk having flat, limp and (gasp) greasy locks.

Generally speaking, this is the proper amount of product to use.

  • Hair creams and gels should be about the size of a nickel.

  • Serums or oils should be about the size of a dime.

  • Mousse amounts should range from a tennis ball to softball size depending on your hair length.

For most hair products, you will almost never need more than a nickel-size, except if you have longer and thicker hair. A good rule of thumb is to rub the product between your hands and apply.  If there is still excess product left on your hands after application, then you used way too much. The goal of hair products is to give shiny, bouncy natural looking hair, so reevaluate your hair product amount and remember less is more.

You Applied It Wrong

Applying hair products to the right part of your hair is an important tip but most often overlooked.  You should only apply products designed to add shine, protect the hair from damage, or moisturize the hair (oils, serums, and creams) to the end of the hair. Hair products designed to give volume or clean the hair (mousse, root lifters, or dry shampoos) should be applied directly to the roots. Using too much product or product in the wrong area will leave the hair looking less than fantastic.


You Used the Wrong Hair Product for Your Hair Type

You may be using the wrong products for your hair type. Women with fine, thin hair should use root lifters to give their roots more volume. Women with thick or coarse hair should use spray gels or mousse to help hold hair and use serums or creams to hydrate hair while adding lots of shine. Curl enhancing creams or sprays restore and define curly hair. Serums that adds shine, moisturizes the hair and reduces frizz is perfect for women with fine, frizzy hair.



To have shiny, healthy strong hair, it is important to know which product is right for your hair type, how to apply the product and how much to use.  By correcting these 3 hair product mistakes, you can save time and have fantastic hair.


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