3 Hairstyles We Are Thankful For


3 Hairstyles We Are Thankful For

America’s stomach-filling holiday is right around the corner, and in the Thanksgiving spirit, it’s also that time of year to remember all of the reasons you have to be thankful. This year, your list of things you’re thankful for may include having your loved ones gathered around the same table without any major mishaps, that you decided to wear your comfy pants to dinner, or possibly that you cooked a family-approved side dish––because that’s what makes Thanksgiving a success in our book. But if we said good hair days weren’t on our list of things we’re thankful for this year, we’d be lying. Here are our 3 hairstyles we are thankful for this holiday season.


Braids + Curls

A classic braid is a timeless hairstyle that will never go out of style. And that’s exactly why we’re thankful for those easy braid hairstyles this holiday season. Whether you’re going for a traditional french braid or you get a little creative with a fishtail style, any braid hairstyle can easily hide a bad hair day or take your everyday hairstyle up a notch. We’re forever thankful for the basic three-stranded hairstyle because the options are truly limitless. Let’s be honest. Since braids will always be in style, why wouldn’t we be thankful for this effortlessly classic hairstyle? Pair your braids with a quick curl for effortless style that will last all night. 

Check out our Braids Pinterest Board for more braid inspiration!


The Top Knot

For those busy bees among us, mastering a go-to hairstyle that transitions perfectly from day to night deserves a spot on our list. And the top knot is a crowd favorite. The top knot is a polished and professional hairstyle by day and a chic and sexy hairstyle by night. All you need to do to glam up your top knot is change out of your daytime outfit and slip on a little black dress, and you’ll be ready for a night on the town in no time at all. Any busy woman is thankful for that.

Check out our Messy Buns Pinterest Board for some more top knot inspiration!


The Middle Part

The middle part hairstyle has been all the rage lately. Heck, it even made a spotlight appearance on the runway at the AMAs. But there’s a reason this edgy, confidence-boosting hairstyle is our latest obsession and holds a spot on our list of hairstyles to be thankful for this season. The middle part hairstyle is one of the most versatile hairstyles out there that also screams sophistication. Plus, it’s an instant head-turner because of the way this hairstyle shapes your face. Whether you have straight and relaxed tresses or you sport a mane of bouncy curls, you can never go wrong with a middle part hairstyle.   

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and this year we’re thankful for the hairstyles that are just as trendy as they are effortless.

Before the big feast on Thursday, brush up on these hair hacks every woman should know, so nothing gets in the way of your stellar hosting skills––not even a bad hair day!

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