3 Long-Lasting Tips To Prevent Fading Hair Color


3 Long-Lasting Tips To Prevent Fading Hair Color

2017 saw it all when it came to hair color trends. From pink and blood orange to every shade of red, each color of the rainbow had a moment this year. Not to mention that absolutely nothing was off limits as far as sources for hair color inspiration go. We saw hair colors inspired by everything from the latest lifestyle trend to a classic soda fountain refreshment. Even gemstones aren’t just for jewelry anymore. So prepare yourself for the next hair color trends on the horizon, and make sure your hair color stays just as radiant as you are by following these 3 long-lasting tips to prevent fading hair color.

Hair Tip #1: Invest in color-protect shampoo and conditioner

Investing in quality hair products is a must when it comes to protecting your hair color––and shampoo and conditioner rank in at the very top of the list. Protect your vibrantly colored locks with a shampoo and conditioner that preserves your hair color between appointments. FS Vibrance Shampoo and Conditioner was created specifically for salon-treated hair with a formula that cleanses and hydrates the hair while keeping that freshly colored glow even weeks after your appointment.  

Hair Tip #2: Start a moisturizing hair treatment regime once a week

If you’re a hair color rookie, you already know the dehydrating effects color treatments can have on your hair. So show yourself some hair love, and treat your hair to a color protect deep repair masque once a week to keep that bold color and luscious shine. This year gives us reason to believe that eye-catching hair colors will never go out of style, so start a moisturizing hair treatment regime if you haven’t already to maintain the strength and shine of your hair.

Hair Tip #3: Shampoo less and shower smart

Believe it or not, showering is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to fading hair color because the chemicals used in hair color treatments can make your hair more vulnerable to water. Rock your hair color longer, and space out your hair washing days, so you are only shampooing two to three days a week to minimize the fading effects water can have on your hair. An extra shower tip? Super hot water can be too harsh on treated hair, so use lukewarm water on your shampoo days to prolong the vibrancy of your hair color.

2017 proved that there is no limit when it comes using your hair color to express yourself. Make sure to follow these long-lasting tips to prevent hair color fade, so your hair stays just as vibrant going into 2018 as it did the day you walked out of the hair salon.

Before you schedule your next hair color appointment, check up on your hair health this winter and make sure your hair is healthy enough for hair color  

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