3 Men’s Hairstyle Tips From 2017’s Sexiest Man Alive


3 Men’s Hairstyle Tips From 2017’s Sexiest Man Alive

What better person to look to for some hair inspiration than the official heartthrob of the year? If you haven’t heard, People Magazine has just named Blake Shelton 2017’s Sexiest Man Alive. If you’ve been a fan of the country singer-songwriter, who doubles as a television personality, you likely already know his country style is characterized by cowboy boots and sharp-dressed suits. But for us, it’s Shelton’s thick and wavy locks that stand spotlight.

While Shelton’s locks have not always led the pack of men’s best hairstyles, this year’s Sexiest Man Alive title-holder undoubtedly owes part of this distinguished award to his signature hairstyle. Characterized by textured layers and a hunky beard to boot, Shelton’s hairstyle may have helped lock in the award. But what exactly is it about Shelton’s style that draws us in? Here are our thoughts: 3 men’s hairstyle tips from 2017’s Sexiest Man Alive to help you achieve this signature hairstyle.

1. Rock Your Natural Hair Color

First things first, when it comes to hair color, Blake Shelton proves that natural is the best and the sexiest option. Gone are the days where hiding your age was a must. Silver and gray hair color trends are on the top of every style list this year, and Shelton’s natural hair color is no exception. His brunette colored roots, peppered with ashy hints and touch of gray are quite charming on the country superstar.

Don’t shy away from a little men’s hair color to accentuate that salt and pepper touch. Follow in Shelton’s footsteps and own your gray. He did win the “Sexiest Man Alive” title for 2017––he must be doing something right.

2. Get that Effortless Men’s Hairstyle

From his memorable mullet to his shoulder-length curls, Shelton’s hairstyles have had a consistent, effortless theme. More recently, Shelton has featured a style characterized by textured, wavy layers. This is a classic men’s hairstyle that can easily transition from work in the studio to a night out on the town, making us love it even more!

Now, how do you get this effortless men’s hairstyle for yourself? If you have naturally wavy hair, you’re in luck, but don’t worry, this hairstyle looks just as good with straight hair too. Instead of tapering too much on the sides, seamlessly blend the layers and keep your hair longer so that you can comb it back and style it in place.

3. Know Your Men’s Hair Products

Get Blake Shelton’s signature hairstyle by completing your look with the right men’s hair products. For a polished finish, try a men’s hard wax. This will add just the right amount of texture and definition to your hair without the excessive shine of a gel. A hard wax also leaves room for a personalized texture style or a signature touch of your own. For those with shorter hair length, try some matte wax instead to get that contour and control you need.

Tip: A well-groomed beard is a perfect way to top off your effortless hairstyle and accentuates your jawline. Don’t hesitate to style your beard and make the crowd take a double-take.

Earning the “Sexiest Man Alive” award is quite the achievement. If you follow these 3 men’s hairstyle tips, you might just join the ranks in 2018!

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