3 Reasons Your Gray Hair is Empowering


3 Reasons Your Gray Hair is Empowering

There comes a time in every woman’s life when monthly hair dye treatments are necessary for hair color survival, but we've got 3 reasons to take a break from the dye and embrace your empowering gray.

Graying hairs are simply a natural part of life as you age, and up until now, they were a cause for hair stress! But we’re welcoming this all-natural hair color more than ever before. Those pesky gray hairs aren’t so pesky anymore. In fact, they’re anything but troublesome. Put down the hair dye and root cover-up because there’s a new hair trend in town. Gray, silver, and white hair has never been sexier. But what is it about this hair color that is so enticing and empowering? Read on to see why you should embrace and enhance your gray hair. Then again, who said gray hair isn't sexy?

Who Said Gray Hair Can't be Flattering?

We live in a world where people are finally challenging cultural norms and redefining the beauty standard. And lucky for everyone, all-natural has never been more beautiful than it is right now. And this natural beauty trend applies to everything from food and medicine, to makeup and hair. While gray hair was previously a negative side effect of the aging process, it has become a cornerstone of female empowerment. The graying and silver strands in your hair are an indication of a wholesome and fulfilling life. In fact, graying hair is the visible evidence of a life filled with experience and beauty.

Gray Hair is Fashion-Forward

Is gray the new black? Women of all ages are beginning to embrace the gray hair trend, whether it be completely natural or the end result of an exceptional dye job. Nevertheless, gray hair has officially become modern, chic, and fashion-forward. So much so, that younger women have opted for the silver look as well. The hues in this hair color highlight your face’s high points, which instantly brightens your face and emphasizes your natural beauty. Gray hair a flawless addition to any ensemble, so yes, we are saying gray is the new black.

Gray Hair Leaves Room for Self-Expression

As if there isn’t enough reason already to fall in love with your gray hair color already, this ashy hue leaves ample room for self-expression. It’s true, your hair says a lot about your personality, and that’s why we love the way undertones can jazz up your gray strands. A dark grey, or even black shadow root, can bring your silver shade to the next level. And if you’re feeling a little adventurous, make a statement with a lighter, pastel hue. Add a light blue, purple, or pink tint to your gray hair for a unique, audacious twist. When in doubt, use your gray hair as a source of self-expression to feel like the true superwoman you are.

Make sure you keep your silver strands looking as sleek and sexy as ever with some nourishing FS lavender mint shampoo and conditioner.

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