3 Trending Hairstyles for Fall


3 Trending Hairstyles for Fall

Throwing around the idea of switching out your go-to summer hairstyle for a fresh and flirty new hair look just in time for fall, but not sure which hair trends will be the next head-turning look? It can be a bit overwhelming to choose from the constant ebb and flow of trending hair colors, haircuts, and hairstyles each season. But lucky for you, we did our research and identified three of the hairstyles that will be huge this year. Read on to find out which of these three trending fall hairstyles you will be rocking on those crisp autumn afternoons or cozy nights around the campfire.  

Tousled Grown-Out Shag


The shag haircut made a comeback in a big way earlier this year, but those layers have grown-out to make way for it’s sister hairstyle––the grown-out shag. This hair craze is exactly what it sounds like. With grown-out layers that hit below the collarbone, this hairstyle is still effortlessly face-shaping––just with a messier, more tousled touch.

If you have naturally wavy hair, add a bit of texturizing spray to your hairstyle before you walk out the door to get that edgier look.

But for those naturally straight-haired girls among us, pulling off the grown-out shag look may require styling the hair with some messy waves. To do so you will need a brush, a trusted curling iron, and some shaping spray to add body to your look.

  1. Brush through your hair to get rid of tangles and find your desired part.

  2. Curl sections of your hair away from your face. Don’t curl your ends.

  3. Apply shaping spray to the hair while styling for added texture and incredible shine

  4. Run your fingers through your hair for a more lived-in look.

Pro tip? Add bangs to your shag haircut, so your hair has some added style as it’s getting longer. Plus, long, wispy bangs make any haircut instantly chic.  

Loose Low Pony


The timeless pony hairstyle will likely never go out of style, and this fall the ponytail is back again in it’s most romantic version yet. Perfect this rendition on the classic hairstyle in just one step by throwing your hair into a low-slung pony securing it with an elastic hairband at the neckline. With it’s minimalistic vibe, the loose low pony is the best accessory to add to any outfit you’ll be rocking this fall.

If you’re looking for some added shine, just spray on some shine mist before tying your hair hair into a pony. Shine mist is perfect for girls with medium to long hair who want a high-gloss finish without feeling greasy.

Complete the look this fall with a floppy ribbon because this season ribbons are officially back. This simple hair accessory is versatile enough to dress up a flannel and jeans, but also elegant enough to wear with an evening dress on those chilly autumn nights. So tie your ponytail with a black or navy blue ribbon into a bow for a sweet, charming, and feminine touch.

Glammed-Up Messy Bun


This fall hair trend puts a fancier twist on the lazy-girl approved looked. Much like the top knot you saw throughout the summer, this hairstyle is a simple solution when you’re in need of an easy, but classy updo. To get the best glammed-up messy bun hairstyle, tease your hair at the crown of the head to add a little more height and body for a truly elegant look.

Rocking a glammed-up messy bun is simple and sure to be the go-to hairstyle for big occasions this fall. To get this hairstyle all you need is a comb, texturizing spray, a hair elastic, and a few bobby pins.

  1. Gather your hair into a loose pony towards the top of your head. Secure your pony in place with an elastic hair tie.

  2. Separate your hair into two or three sections and tease with a comb to get the volume and texture you need to perfect any messy bun.

  3. Divide your ponytail into two sections and twist each section around each other like you would in a top knot.

  4. Instead of securing your bun neatly with bobby pins, apply bobby pins about an inch before your strands end so they are free to unravel slightly creating the messy look.

  5. Tease sections of your hair at the crown of your head complete with texturizing spray, for a heightened look. For more volume, tease smaller sections of hair at a time.

And there you go. Your lazy-girl messy bun, just went from blah to voila!

The long-awaited days of pumpkin spice lattes and color-changing leaves are now among us, so try out these three hairstyles to make sure your hair is fall-ready too.

If your fall hairstyle requires some hair product, read more to make sure you don’t make these hair product mistakes


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