4 Flawless Holiday Haircut Ideas


4 Flawless Holiday Haircut Ideas

The perfect holiday hairstyle starts with the perfect holiday haircut. To help you get party ready, we’ve got some solid suggestions for fresh, fierce, and flawless holiday haircuts.

So, go ahead and treat yourself to a sensational new haircut this holiday season!

1. Get a Lift with Layers

You absolutely can’t imagine chopping off your lovely, long hair. Don’t worry. We would never ask you to make the cut.

But, we are suggesting that you think about mixing up your holiday hairstyle with a few festive layers. If you want to go for a bolder cut, give choppy layers a shot. This rock ‘n’ roll look will have you feeling like jumping up and volunteering for karaoke at the next holiday party you attend. For a softer, sweeter holiday hairstyle, try long, blended layers that subtly frame your face.

2. Dazzle with a Bold Bob

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic bob haircut. They’re chic, timeless, and fairly low-maintenance.

Cropping your hair to a fashionable, flawless bob means you’ll be cutting your shampooing, conditioning, and styling time in half. And with the right products, that styling will be as effortless as the haircut itself.

3. Stand out with a Stellar Undercut

Are you the trendsetter of your girl squad? Then this holiday haircut was made for you!

Undercuts let you express your individuality—or keep it all under wraps. You see, an undercut is just shaving a small section in the back underneath the length of your hair. This holiday season, you can unleash your creativity and shave unique patterns underneath your hair. Pull your hair up in a messy bun to show it off, or leave it down and let it be your little secret.

4. Let it Glow with a Luscious Lob

Not totally into the idea of chopping all of your hair off this holiday season? Get all of the drama without the commitment to a bob haircut with a carefree lob.

Lob (“long bob”) haircuts are the perfect compromise between long hair and short hair. You’ve got all of the styling options of longer hair with all of the convenience and ease of shorter haircuts. What more could you possibly ask for?

Love your look every day, no matter the season, with any one of these fabulous holiday haircuts—and remember to Always Be Fantastic!

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