4 Hairstyles for the Fourth of July


4 Hairstyles for the Fourth of July

It’s time to smooth out those wrinkles in just about everything you own that comes in any combination of red, white, and blue. America’s 241st birthday is coming up and we’re celebrating the only way we know how–––with a hairstyle that screams “Happy Birthday America!” Whether your Fourth of July plans entail a backyard barbeque with your closest friends or you’re celebrating America on the beach with your family, make your hairstyle stand out like the fireworks in the summer nighttime sky.

The Backyard BBQ Braid

Braids are back and hair accessories are in. And we’re officially deeming the braid the perfect hairstyle for your Fourth of July backyard barbeque. For an extra patriotic touch, weave in a red, white and blue ribbon with each strand in your braid. Whether you’re flipping burgers on the grill or playing cornhole in the yard, a braided hairstyle is sure to keep your hair out of the way and looking fantastic.

The Classic Beach Wave

Nothing beats sporting a classic wavy hairstyle on the beach while basking in the sun and embracing your inner mermaid. Beach-approved hairstyles are a staple for your adventures this summer, and the beachy wave is reigning at the top of the list. Finish off this classic beachy look with an equally as classic red lipstick to show America your love.  

The Lake-Proof Ponytail

If you’re Fourth of July plans entail trailing behind a boat on some variation of water skis across one of America’s beautiful lakes, a water sports-proof hairstyle is a must. That’s why we’re suggesting a high ponytail hairstyle to keep your hair out of your face and off your neck for maximum water sports focus. Not to mention, when it’s hot enough outside to melt a popsicle in less than 3 minutes, hairstyles that pull hair off the neck are a prerequisite before any outdoor activity.

The Firework Messy Bun

It wouldn’t be the Fourth of July without an evening firework show. Before you lay your picnic blanket beneath the starry summertime sky, wrap your hair into a half-up-half-down messy bun for a boho chic hairstyle that is just as dazzling as the bursting fireworks above you.  

Deck yourself out with some red, white, and blue beads, pull your hair into your most patriotic hairstyle, and let freedom ring!

For more festive hairstyles, check out our guide to hair accessories you should rock this summer.

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