5 Fantastic Fall Trends to Try Now


5 Fantastic Fall Trends to Try Now

Well, New York’s Fashion Week has come and gone once again, and it successfully took the country’s fashion industry by storm. As always, the designer-gods did not disappoint with their innovative fashion trends and predictions on the newest fad obsessions. Everything from how to rock the boldest colors of the season to the birth of couch fabrics as a fashion phenomenon appeared on the runway this season. Check out these 5 fantastic fall trends you should try now.

The Floral Midi-Dress with Tall Boots

One of the biggest runway hits this season may resemble your Great-Aunt Sally’s couch fabric, but the look is perfectly feminine and super trendy. The iconic flowy dress with vintage floral prints pairs well with over-the-knee boots to limit skin exposure making it the perfect summer-to-fall transition piece. Look for a flirty floral midi-dress with all your favorite colors and pair it with some edgy over-the=knee boots for this season’s go-to outfit for a Sunday afternoon or even to get drinks with the girls.    

The Fringed-Out Handbag

The overwhelming use of handbags remained a major trend at this year’s New York Fashion Week. From wicker basket purses to statement clutches, this year’s runway included the season's most coveted “it” bags. But the fringed-out handbag stood out the most because of its cascading appeal and versatility. We saw the fringe paired with metallics, sequins, leather, and chains, so the options are truly limitless. Pair your fringed-out handbag with your favorite fall sweater for the ultimate street style combo.

Bold Makeup Statements

Bold makeup trends are having a moment again. But forget the classic smokey eye––we’re talking makeup statements that bring a pop of color to the face. Everything from dramatic eyeliner to bright, bold lipsticks were seen on the runway and are sure to be a hit this season. If you want to make your bold makeup routine even bolder, try going for more pastel eyeliner and lip colors, or try out the graphic eye for a fierce and electric look.

Sequined Embellishments

Maximalism was all over the runway this year complete with tassels, ruffles, and bold prints galore. But sequined embellishments were one of the most eye-catching trends on the runway. If you’re looking for a statement piece to complete your evening look, go for sequined anything. But who says sequins are reserved for evening occasions? Adding sequins to your outfit at any time of the day is perfectly acceptable.

The Hair Accessory

The hair accessory trend is back. Be on the lookout this season for hair accessories to add the subtlest feminine touch to any hairstyle. Bring back your innocence with dainty ribbons and silk bows to finish off a loose side pony or a basic braid. Rather it's a bow or a boho hat, hair accessories can instantly transform your look from drab to glam.

Most importantly, get creative with the on-trend looks that everyone’s obsessed with this season for a completely individual style, and make sure your go-to looks are fall-ready with these 5 fantastic fall trends that ruled the runway.


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