5 Golden Blonde Hair Colors That Are Perfect for Spring


5 Golden Blonde Hair Colors That Are Perfect for Spring

2017 was filled with hair trends that we obsessed over, and most of them included some variation of platinum blonde hair. Shadow roots, tutorials, and tips for managing this striking color flooded our social media. However, a more natural trend is beginning to emerge. This spring season has taken to the sun for its inspiration. Looking for a bright and beautiful sun-kissed look? Read on to see which 5 golden blonde hair colors we have deemed perfect for this season.

Honey Blonde


Honey-hued highlights can be incorporated into a variety of hair colors. This warm blend of gold can brighten up darker shades or add a pop of contrast for our natural blondes. Honey blonde color is the perfect balance for those looking for a subtle yet flattering change. Honey hair color can be applied as heavily or as lightly as desired to make it a versatile hue for any shade. For all the women looking for dynamic color, request a touch of honey blonde at your next salon appointment.

Buttery Blonde


This beautiful shade is a less drastic take on the platinum blonde trend. While the platinum hue pulls a brighter white undertone, buttery blonde is a bit warmer. This color incorporates yellow hues, which are more similar to that of a natural blonde. Since this color pulls on hues originally existing in the hair, processing and coloring techniques are easily achievable.

Sun-kissed Blonde


Love the look of hair after a trip to the beach? Opt for sun-kissed blonde hair color at your next salon visit. These bright but delicate highlights are placed strategically at the crown of the head emulating the natural highlighting effect of the sun. Rain or shine, this shade delivers the look of effortless sun-kissed color.

Caramel Blonde


Caramel blonde tones are perfect for the woman who wants to stand out. Due to the darker nature of this hair color, caramel undertones are oftentimes integrated into rich, brunette shades. This shade is ideal for any darker-haired woman who wants a touch of blonde this spring. Highlights can be placed at the front of the hair to frame the face, ultimately lightening up the hair’s overall look.

Nude Blonde


Nude blonde hair color is a hybrid between ash tones and golden blonde hues to enhance your natural hair color all while adding a bit of necessary flare. Nude hair color is determined by your skin tone, and then the color is developed and mixed depending on the existing undertones in your natural features. For those reluctant to manipulate their natural shade, nude hair color is a fantastic first step to achieve a warmer blonde look this spring.

For any woman suffering from winter hair color fatigue, try out any variation of these golden blonde hair colors for a fresh look this season. 

If you have longer locks, make sure you check out these color techniques for long hair before your next hair color treatment. 


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