5 Reasons You Want to Work for Fantastic Sams


5 Reasons You Want to Work for Fantastic Sams

Mark Twain got it right when he said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” When choosing a career, it’s not only important to choose a job you are good at, but also a job you truly love. And if you find a job that aligns with your personality and your passions, you really hit the jackpot. Employment with Fantastic Sams does just that. We offer a career path that is fantastically incomparable. Read on to see why working for Fantastic Sams is a path you should rightfully consider.

1. We are more than just a hair salon

Fantastic Sams is a full-service cut and color salon. We offer everything from trims to full-blown coloring treatments. Our stylists are expertly trained in their craft and have the opportunity to showcase this each and every day. All stylists are required to obtain a cosmetology license to work as a full-time stylist. This ensures that our customers are presented with extraordinary services upon every appointment.

2. We want YOU to succeed

Fantastic Sams takes on every day with the continuous goal of customer satisfaction in mind. In order to achieve this, we believe that innovation and education are vital to our business. We provide our stylists with endless opportunities to learn. Technique classes, training seminars, and daily motivation are all apart of our daily schedule. Stylists are always urged and encouraged to advance their expertise. Through consistent inspiration and endless desire, Fantastic Sams stylists constantly exceed our expectations.

3. We emphasize teamwork

A career as a hairdresser may seem like a solo pursuit, but here at Fantastic Sams, we emphasize teamwork. Our stylists work together to innovate and execute contemporary and ingenious styles. Through research and boundless practice, we create an environment that fosters creativity. Stylists are constantly learning from one another, which is what makes our team-working environment so beneficial.

4. We allow you to take the reins

Our stylists are artists in their craft. We encourage them to follow their inspiration and work closely with their clients to deliver an outstanding final product. Stylists at Fantastic Sams listen intently to what their client requests and do their absolute best to achieve this.

5. Our core values are integrated into our work

At Fantastic Sams, we infuse our core values into every aspect of our work. Dedication to creativity, technique, and ambition is at the center of our businesses. By merging these values into our everyday work, we have the ability to produce cutting-edge excellence in the world of hair.


For those looking to make a career change, visit our careers page and apply now. Fantastic Sams would be thrilled to have you.

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