5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Hairdo Ideas

Fantastic_Sams_Valentines_Hair5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Hairdo Ideas

Whether you’re planning a romantic evening out with your beau for Valentine’s Day, or hitting the town to celebrate singledom with your #girlsquad, you’re going to want to look your absolute best when February 14th rolls around. Even if your plan is just to drown your sorrows in heart-shaped chocolate, you can still rock one of these five romantic Valentine’s Day hairdo ideas.

Self-love is the truest love, after all.

Without further ado, let’s snatch Cupid’s arrow right out of his chubby little hands with these breathtaking Valentine’s Day hairdo ideas:


A Gorgeous French Twist

This Valentine’s Day hairstyle may look masterful and elegant, but it’s actually incredibly easy to pull off. If you’re running out of time before your 8 PM dinner reservations, a gorgeous French will be your saving grace.

Supplies you’ll need: a handful of bobby pins, a hairbrush, and some finishing spray.

How to pull it off: first start by pulling your hair all to one side. Secure it with a couple of bobby pins vertically placed and facing upward. Further secure the side part with criss-crossing pins, and once they’re all in place, gather the ends of your hair and twist upward and over in the opposite direction. As soon as you’ve got a neat-looking twist, fasten the updo by slipping in the rest of your bobby pins horizontally. Polish off the look with a quick spritz of finishing spray.


Polished, Bouncy Waves

Polished, bouncy waves exude elegant romance. This Valentine’s Day, go with a classic look that’s understated, sexy, and feminine all rolled into one.

Supplies you’ll need: blow dryer with diffuser, curling wand, round brush, and a dollop of curl defining creme.

How to pull it off: start with damp hair. Take a dollop of curl defining creme in your palm and work it evenly through your hair from midshaft to the ends. For a little added volume if your hair is on the thinner side, you can work in a little volumizing root lifter near your roots. Once you’ve coated your strands, it’s time to take the diffuser to them. As soon as you’ve finished drying your hair, take out the curling wand. Make sure to curl away from your face. With the curls all set in place, it’s time now to gently brush them out and turn them into the polished, bouncy waves you’ve been dreaming of! Voila! A super romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyle with minimal effort.


A Romantic Side Braid

If you’ve always fantasized about riding off into the sunset with Prince Charming, then this romantic side braid is the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyle for you. Equal parts adventure and romance, the side braid is the ideal hairstyle for whatever you have planned.

Supplies you’ll need: a fine-toothed comb, a hair tie, and a little texturizing spray.

How to pull it off: begin by pulling the length of your hair to one side. If you happen to have piecey layers, you may want to pin them to the side with a couple of bobby pins. Add some texture to this romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyle by backcombing your hair with the fine-toothed comb and spraying some texturizing spray right where you intend to start braiding it. As soon as you’ve created some texture and volume for the style, start braiding! Secure this romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyle with a hair tie. For an extra dose of romance, tuck a flower behind the opposite ear. You’ll be breaking hearts in no time!


Flirty, Fun Curls

If you’ve got naturally curly hair, take what your mama gave you to the next level with this ultra romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyle. This easy hairstyle takes virtually zero effort, even though it’s movie-star stunning.

Supplies you’ll need: blow dryer with a diffuser and a handful of styling mousse.  

How to pull it off: you’ll need to start out with naturally curly hair to achieve this look. If you’re not lucky enough to have been born with curls, though, you can still pull it off with the help of a styling wand. For those of you with natural curly hair, this romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyle only requires two steps. First, start with wet hair. Work in a handful of styling mousse to provide protection from thermal styling while adding body and texture to your look. Take the diffuser to your curls to finish off this incredibly easy, romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyle.


A Classic, Retro Bouffant

Take a page straight out of Brigitte Bardot’s playbook with this one. The classic, retro bouffant pairs perfectly with a little black dress (LBD) and your flirtiest kitten heels. This Valentine’s Day, take a trip down lover’s lane with this throwback romantic hairstyle.

Supplies you’ll need: a handful of bobby pins, a fine-toothed comb, and some finishing spray.

How to pull it off: start with completely dry hair. Section off the back half of your hair. Take the fine-toothed comb and gently tease the back half of your hair up and forward until you have enough volume to work with. Cover up the rough, teased section with a little bit of the smooth section you left in the front. Pin this romantic hairstyle in place with a few bobby pins. Make sure it stays in place through dinner and dancing with a layer of finishing spray!

This Valetine’s Day, you’re bound to be a total heartbreaker with any of these romantic hairdos. Forget Cupid, your hairspray is certified love potion!

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