5 Ways to Fix Flat, Lifeless Hair in a Snap


5 Ways to Fix Flat, Lifeless Hair in a Snap

At 9 AM, your hair was a glorious, flowing mane. It was perfectly voluminous and expertly styled. By 3 PM, though, you’ve resorted to pulling your hair up into a messy bun. Your curls have gone flat, and you’re 100% over it.

Before you reach for that faithful old hair tie midday, try any number of these 5 foolproof ways fix flat, lifeless hair in a snap:

1. Let Dry Shampoo Change Your Life

Dry shampoo is pretty high on the list of “Revolutionary Inventions” in our books. We love to use dry shampoo post-workout to keep our precious blowouts looking salon-fresh.

We also love to have it on hand for those mornings when we just can’t.

But our favorite way to use dry shampoo? To pump up the volume on our flat, lifeless hair.

For the best results, shake the dry shampoo well, spray it a few inches from the roots of your hair, and then gently work it through the way you would with regular shampoo.

Bam! Instant volume!  

2. Do a Quick Hair Flip

If you’ve only got a few seconds to spare before your big presentation to the board, this tip is for you.

Sneak away to the powder room for a quick hair flip. Flip your completely over. Massage your scalp for 10-15 seconds, then flip your hair back over and fix your part. You may be surprised by just how voluminous your hair can be in so little time (and with so little effort).

For that extra oomph, combine the hair flip with a little dry shampoo. You’ll have voluminous hair in no time that just won’t quit.

3. Keep a Metal Comb in Your Purse

Plastic brushes won’t quite do the trick if you’ve got flat, lifeless hair. If it’s 3 PM and you’re desperate for some blowout volume, your best bet is actually a metal comb.

Wide-tooth metal combs help prevent excess frizz while adding some much-needed volume to your drooping tresses. So, when in doubt, pack a metal comb in your purse—just in case you need your hair to pack a punch!   

4. Try Texturizing Products

We cannot praise texturizing products highly enough. When you’re in a pinch and you’re going from the office to a party, make sure you have some texturizing spray on hand.

Pump up your hair’s volume in a flash by spraying the texturizing product a few inches from your hair’s roots. Tousle your hair gently—and do a quick hair flip for good measure. You’ll be runway ready in 5 seconds flat.  

5. Switch Up Your Hair’s Part

This one is an age-old secret, but we love it all the same. If you’re feeling like your hair has lost its luster (and its volume), give it the old switcheroo.

Switching up your hair’s part not only adds volume in no time at all, it also helps prevent breakage. The longer you keep your hair parted in the exact same spot, the more it gets worn down. And worn-down hair will always look flat and lifeless.

Breathe some life into your hair by moving your hair’s part around every once in a while. Your limp locks will thank you for it!

If you have a little more time on your hands, another great way to fix flat, lifeless hair is to give hair contouring a try. We’re totally obsessed.

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