5 Ways to Keep Your Hair on the Nice List


5 Ways to Keep Your Hair On The Nice List

Everyone knows that the most wonderful time of year is finally here, which means holiday decorations and parties galore. But even though the holiday season brings an extra jolly spirit to your daily routine, the wintertime can actually take a serious toll on the quality and health of your hair. Amongst all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, make sure you carve out time this year to give your hair the extra care it deserves so that you keep your hair looking lively and healthy for every holiday party this season. Protect your hair against the dry, chilly air this winter season and follow these 5 ways to keep your hair on the nice list.

All I Want for Christmas is a Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

For one, your hair moisture doesn’t stand a chance against the winter air if you don’t take extra care of your hair during these colder months to lock in as much hydration as you can. Colder air dries out your hair and scalp, which may cause you to experience more breakage, dryness, and itchiness during this time of the year.

Keep your locks looking extra shiny by combatting this winter woe with a weekly deep conditioning hair treatment to replace any moisture you may have lost. FS Color Protect Deep Repair Masque is your nice list-approved hair product to get the ultimate moisturizing hair treatment to maintain the integrity of your hair this season.

O Come, All Ye Faithful Hairwashers

Keep your hair washing to a minimum this season. Don’t get us wrong––regularly washing your hair removes excess dirt, oils, and product residue from your hair and leaves your hair with that silky smooth feeling we all love. But overwashing your hair can quickly backfire because it removes natural oils from your hair and dries out your hair way faster––especially during the winter months.

Limit washing your hair to 2 to 3 days per week and make sure to use hair products that are sulfate-free, like FS Violet Sulfate-Free Shampoo, because although sulfate cleanses the hair, it also strips your hair of natural oils. And your hair needs all the natural oils it can get this winter season.

Hark! Limit Your Heat-Heavy Hairstyles

Do whatever you can to avoid heat-heavy hairstyles this season because although everyone loves rocking bouncy curls every now and then, using heated styling products further damages your hair. The applied heat dries out your locks and results in brittle strands, split ends, and breakage.

Lean towards more protective hairstyles like braids, high ponytails, and top knots to avoid using excess heat. But if you are dead-set on rocking some glamorous waves to your office holiday party, make sure you use some FS Smoothing Keratin Treatment for extra protection.

Deck Your Hair With a Darker Hair Color

We all know platinum hair color had a moment this year, but this icy blonde hue can be ultra harsh on your hair. The chemical-intense process dries your hair out from the roots, so it’s safer to keep your hair a little darker during the colder months. You can always go back to platinum, but use the wintertime to retain as much hydration as you can by using as little chemicals on your hair as possible.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Hair Appointment

Regular haircuts are always an easy way to keep your hair healthy, so don’t forget to make your haircut appointment this winter season. Whether you’re going for the big chop or you’re just looking for a little trim, any kind of haircut reduces the chance of dried out and split ends. Find your closest salon and make your appointment today.

We know how unforgiving the winter months can be on your hair, but follow these easy 5 ways to keep your hair on the nice list this year.

For more tips on maintaining healthy hair during the coldest time of year, check out these hacks to tame those pesky winter hair flyaways.


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