Anti-Aging Hair Color Secrets


Anti-Aging Hair Color Secrets

As we age, our complexions naturally lose their vibrancy; our hair starts to gray, and we think, “I have to cover this up somehow.” Before you panic and coat your strands from root to tip with solid color, take a peek at these anti-aging hair color secrets to help you maintain that youthful glow.

With these hair color tips, you’re sure to turn heads and have people asking, “How does she do it?”

#1. Flaunt What Your Mama Gave You.

One of the biggest mistakes that women make when they’re trying to combat the effects of aging is to stray from their natural color. They think that darker color will be a bold anti-aging choice—or that vibrant red will distract from less-than-vibrant skin.

The truth is: your natural hue is one of the most flattering shades you could possibly rock. When you’re looking to make a change and cover up your grays, make sure that you stay within your shade family for the most flawless transition.

#2. Always Look on the Bright Side.

While it’s true that going too light can age you just as much as going too dark, it’s still better to stick to brighter shades.

Lighter variations on your natural color can help to brighten up your complexion and give the illusion of lifting your cheekbones.

Be aware that going too light (or too ash blonde), however, may end up looking more gray than golden.

#3. All That Glitters Is Gold.

Speaking of golden, one of the best ways to warm up your look and keep the ravages of time at bay is to add some gold to your tresses.

Even if you’ve historically had darker hair, as you age, your darker hair color can actually start to highlight wrinkles, fine lines, and various other small imperfections.

For a universally flattering hair color idea, try asking your favorite stylist to frame your face with golden tones. Make sure that, as we mentioned earlier, you keep any color you choose within your natural shade family.

Check out this article to help you figure out which hair color shade family is best for your skin tone.

#4. Avoid the Obvious.

Subtlety is your best friend. With that in mind, as much as possible, try to avoid conspicuous highlights. You should also stay far away from obvious changes that will draw attention.

Step away from solid colors that will only break your heart when that stark hairline starts to inch its way back into your life.

Instead, opt for chic, subtle highlights that will frame your face. Multidimensional color that blends together in the sunlight is one of the best anti-aging hair secrets known to man (and woman, of course).

The best-kept secret of all? Confidence. No matter your hair color, remember to Always Be Fantastic.

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