Back to School Hair: The Best Looks for Girls


It’s that time of year again to be thinking about back to school. While our schedules this time around may look a little different considering new online learning options, hybrid learning or other changes, it’s still important to have a fresh mindset and a new haircut to top it off, to prepare your little ones for learning.

Whether your students are heading back to school in person or learning online from home, help them look and feel great with one of these cute haircuts for girls. 

The A+ adorable bob


With weeks of staying at home under our belts, the whole family may have gotten used to a longer hairstyle, possibly resorting to a routine of ponytails or messy buns. While we’re always a fan of super easy, low-maintenance styles, opting for a more dramatic hairstyle change could be just the thing to get your little ones ready for school and into learning mode.

You know that feeling that a brand new outfit and fresh-from-the-salon look can give you? Let your little girl experience the same confidence with a hairstyle transformation.

If she’s starting with long hair, a medium-length bob or blunt cut at the shoulders will make a huge difference in look and feel. The length will still be long enough to pull back into a ponytail style, but still short enough to frame the face and give her (or you) more styling options.

If the hair is already medium length before your salon visit, opt for a shorter chin-length bob haircut. The short style paired with the crisp, clean edge at the bottom will give her a lighter feeling on her head and may just inspire more hair flips to show it off.

Add bangs for an additional face-framing look, whether they’re straight across the forehead or more of a side-swept, wispy style. Your stylist can help you decide what’s best based on her face shape and styling preference.

Smart layers


With textured or curly hair, layers can be a great solution to keeping the hair manageable while still providing dimension and movement in the style. Depending on the thickness of her hair, you might choose a shoulder-length style with multiple layers throughout to let those curls speak for themselves. Shorter layers at the front and sides can accentuate her smile, plus keep pesky flyaways at bay for those long days of learning.

Even with straight or fine hair, layers can provide additional style and personality for your little girl. Talk to her about what she would like, and your stylist can help make your vision a reality. Don’t forget to ask about styling products that can help you both achieve that super cute, smart look.

Learning at length


If your little one is not exactly warmed up to the idea of shorter hair (thanks to her favorite cartoon ice princess, perhaps?), you still have options to spruce up a longer hairstyle. If the idea of a haircut sends her into a kingdom of isolation, remind her that regular trims and maintenance can help keep her hair healthier.

Some long hairstyles can be all one length, cut straight across in the back, or layers can be cut in to add more movement and create a one-of-a-kind look. Depending on her age, you could even opt for a few highlights as a special treat, or simply rely on those lighter strands thanks to the summer sun, for a little variation in color.

Whatever you choose with the longer hairstyle option, she’ll have a look that’s fit for a queen.

Let her creativity flow


Back to school time can also be a stressful time, for both the student and the parents. If deciding on a specific haircut or style adds another layer of stress, opt for an easy-to-maintain trim and let your child focus on the education aspect first. The important thing is that she feels confident and ready to learn. And, if that means letting her choose a more unique style to bring out her creativity, why not give it a try – you both might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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