Be Styled: Best Hair Products For New Year's


Be Styled: Best Hair Products For New Years Eve

Once upon a time, holiday hair meant huge curlers and far too many bobby pins. Thankfully, it’s 2016 (though not for long!), and hairstyles and hair products have gotten a modern makeover. Just in time to ring in the new year, Be Styled with these must-have hair styling products.

What are we waiting for, ladies? Let’s get the party started!

Texturizing Spray

2016 will go down in the history books as the year of the chic bedhead. Okay, so maybe a few more important events transpired this year, but still. For all intents and purposes, let’s all agree that we noticed that loose, beachy waves were everywhere.

Good news: that fun, flirty, windblown look isn’t just for summer. It’s turning out to be a go-to holiday hair idea.

You can easily achieve the tousled “bedhead” style this holiday season using Fantastic Sams Texturizing Spray. Start with a styling wand, curl the top layer, flip hair over, spritz texturizing spray a few inches from your hair, flip back over, and voila! Perfectly done undone hair.

Styling Mousse

Chic holiday hair starts with the right volumizing mousse.

Add the ideal amount of bounce, shine, and flexible hold to your sassy ponytail or messy bun with Fantastic Sams Styling Mousse.

Bonus: if you’ve got freshly dyed tresses, this styling mousse features UV protection to keep your hair looking salon-perfect all the way through the season.

Spray Shine

Looking to shine unbelievably bright this holiday season? You’re in luck!

With Fantastic Sams Spray Shine, you can take your holiday hairstyle from dead-leaf-drab to twinkling-light-luminous in under 2 seconds flat.

If you’re worried about being weighed down by grease, don’t. This weightless formula adds gorgeous shine without sacrificing volume or touchability.


Firm Hold Gel

Winter weather means static frizz has the potential to frazzle your dazzle. Stay one step ahead of fly-aways with nourishing gel specifically formulated to keep your hair only where you want it.

Fantastic Sams Firm Hold Gel sticks with you from your 9 AM meeting all the way through the office holiday party and beyond.

Apply to damp hair and let your hair air-dry and your curvaceous curls take hold—or try applying a quarter-sized dollop to your palms and distribute evenly before blow drying for top-notch control (and minimum frizz).

Finishing Spray

No holiday party is complete without a decadent dessert tray. The same is true of your holiday hairstyle; it just isn’t finished until you break out the Fantastic Sams Finishing Spray.

Once you’ve got your holiday hairstyle just the way you like it, be sure to give it that extra little oomph and a hint of sparkle and shine.

The best part? This spray won’t gunk your hair up with residue. So, finish off your look the right way and don’t think twice about busting out your best moves on the dance floor after ringing in the New Year. Your hair will stay fantastic well beyond the stroke of midnight!

Whether you’re looking for maximum hold gel to keep your sleek pony slicked back or you’re more the loose and lovely mousse type, there’s sure to be a product that’s perfect for whichever party hairstyle you go with.

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