The Best Hair Accessories For Winter


When the weather gets cooler, it’s easy to turn your favorite stocking cap or beanie into your go-to accessory for the season. Lower temps and the longer to-do list this time of year with parties, shopping and obligatory events have us all short on time. But these events are just the reason why you should experiment with some of winter’s best hair accessories.

Whether you’re heading to a holiday party, just want to keep warm in style or something in between, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re intimidated by the permanence of one of our favorite winter hair colors to try this year, opt instead for one of these non-permanent hair accessories to spice up your winter hairstyle.

Multiple pins and clips


This look can be achieved with your basic black bobby pins and tiny clips. Sweep your hair to one side and secure that side with multiple pins arranged in an evenly spaced or crisscross pattern. Secure the back of your hair into a messy updo and embellish with more pins and clips.


If you prefer a more polished look or like to wear your hair down, you can still rock the multiple-accessory concept with an assortment of hairpins in different shapes and sizes within the same color palette. Start your style by adding volume to the hair with a curling iron or styling product. Instead of securing the hair to the larger, swept side, place your pins strategically on the opposite side of the head, allowing for maximum volume on the side with more hair.


Experiment with jewel tones, faux jewels, stones and other embellishments on your hairpins, clips and barrettes. Embrace your inner sparkle with any combination of these fun accessories, perfect for the office, an excursion with friends or even your family photos.

Single statement accessory


Maybe you’re not quite sure how to pull off multiple accessories in one hairstyle, or your latest Amazon purchase only comes in a single quantity. Either way, take full advantage and make it part of your winter style. Secure your updo or twist with a long embellished barrette, or add it to the side of your messy bun.


If you’re heading to a glitzy holiday shindig or NYE party, the more sparkle, the better! Try a faux diamond-encrusted comb clip to glam up a solid colored dress, or go all out with sequins and stones from head to toe.

Fancy headbands


Headbands are super easy hair accessories to incorporate into your winter wardrobe. No matter the occasion, you can instantly add some pizzazz to any style with a fancy headband – think stones, sequins, beads, anything that catches light or adds a little shimmer.


Combine an intricately beaded headband with a sleek updo for an elegant finish, or go for a more romantic vibe with a loose, low bun topped off with a simple row of dark stones.

Fashionable and functional


We don’t typically recommend hats to cover up that gorgeous hair of yours, but sometimes a bold-colored wide-brimmed hat is the perfect way to spice up your bundled-up style (and stay a little warmer) when out and about in the cold weather. Style your hair down (voluminous curls a plus!) and top it off brightly for a fashionable and functional look.


To show off more of your hair and still keep your ears toasty, try a furry or knitted headband. Not really falling into the ‘fancy headbands’ category, we still love this type of headband and it’s a great way be trendy and stylish. Look also for knitted or crocheted varieties with a button, bow or knotted design.


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