The Best Haircuts for Boys - Just in Time for Back to School


Summer’s quickly drawing to a close and school will be back in session soon. We know your back to school to-do list is a mile long, so we’ve gathered some of the best haircuts for boys and girls to help you send the kiddos back to class with a style that makes the grade.    

With just a few tweaks, most men’s haircuts can work for boys of any age. There are so many trendy styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one to match his personality. The textured cuts and tousled styles that are popular this year look great and are easy to style, too. That’s a win-win, whether he insists on styling his own hair or you need to lend a hand. Here are a few fantastic back to school haircuts we love for boys.

Short and Spiky


Short haircuts are great for the active lifestyle of boys, since they can withstand rough play and still look presentable.

Spiky styles are one of the most popular short haircuts for boys. This cool, versatile style is fun and easy to master, even for a little man. All it takes a dab of pomade or wax worked through wet or dry hair.


Spiky hairstyles even work with longer hair on top and pair well with fades or an undercut that keep sides clean, short and simple.

Side Part


The side part is a classic and clean style that’s easy to wear and works with pretty much any hair type. Like short and spiky styles, the side part can be worn with a variety of different lengths on the top and sides.

All it takes to snag this style is a quick part and swipe of the comb. For added staying power, apply a little product like our X-Treme Gel to damp hair when styling. Or, add more character and sharpen the contrast with a hard part - a clean, crisp line created by a stylist with a razor or trimmer.

Cool Curls


Curly hair can be difficult to manage, but these cuts look good and make getting out the door less of a chore. With a short back and sides, a textured crop like this one helps tame thick curly hair.


Prefer something a little longer? This medium length cut keeps curls loose and natural with a flattering fringe of ringlets. A strong pomade or wax can be a huge help in keeping curls under control.

Help him fight frizz by skipping the shampoo, just rinse and condition his hair. Then finger-comb through instead of brushing. For soft natural control, try working a pea sized amount of a beeswax-based product into dry hair.

Short and Messy


Talk about effortless! A short and messy style is the ultimate no fuss go-to. This cut is short without being super-short (although that works, too) and is so easy to style even a little boy can handle it himself.

To get the boy-approved messy hair look, he’ll likely need the help of a styling wax (like our Matte Wax) or gel to keep the hair in place.

This style looks great for any occasion, and when a more polished look is in order, simply grab a comb and smooth the hair into place.



If you’ve got a little more time or he’s old enough to experiment on his own, give a quiff a try. It might take a bit of practice to get it right, but it’s pretty straightforward and looks great. Fringe can be swept straight back or brushed off to the side for an added twist. To keep the style looking fantastic through school and play, style with a little Grooming Creme to achieve that sleek look for which the quiff style is known.

There are so many trendy boys haircuts that picking just one can be a challenge. Luckily, many are so flexible he can change up his look throughout the year and try out several different styles all with the same cut.

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