The Best Hairstyles for Mature Women


Maybe, like so many others, you grew up envisioning women over age 60 with grey hair pulled into severe-looking buns or cut short with the tightest of perms. In fact, that is how generations of women wore their hair, either because of societal conformity or ease. Fortunately, time has taught us the best hairstyles for older women are ones that aren’t all that different than great hairstyles for any age. Hair cuts and styles should allow for self-expression with levels of maintenance that fit your lifestyle and make you happy with your appearance.

So, while we favor any look that makes you feel sensational, here are our suggestions for some of the best hairstyles for mature women.

Longer and Loose


Grey hair or not, many older women are choosing longer styles that present their tresses as healthy and even a little sexy. Long layers add dimension and softness around the face. A loose, casual appearance can be achieved with a well-maintained trim to keep ends fresh. If you’re going with natural grey color, start with our Clarifying Shampoo or Violet Sulfate-Free Shampoo to brighten your grey and minimize yellowing. Styling at home depends on your preference and hair type, but for most mature women, we recommend applying Nourishing Serum to damp hair from roots to ends. This product instantly penetrates to add moisture to hair that can more easily dry out with age as our scalps produce less natural oil. Nourishing Serum also controls frizzies and flyaways and protects hair from blowdrying or styling with an iron to get those loose, subtle curls.

Blunt with Bangs


Blunt cuts have a modern edge and are an easy way of getting a contemporary look. Add eyelash-skimming (or shorter) bangs to frame the face for an even more dramatic statement cut. This is another lower maintenance option for mature women that depends on a professional cut to keep its shape and manage split ends. Again, when we’re older, hair can dry out faster. Keep your strands healthy and moisturized with gentle shampoo and a quality conditioner, like Keratin Conditioner, coating your hair for a few extra minutes each week. Before using a straightening iron, apply Smoothing Gel to protect from heat and give your blunt cut extra shine.

Light Layers


If shorter hair best complements your personal style and daily schedule, consider adding layers. Layered hair weighs less than long hair and can provide more volume from the roots. Often, mature women notice slight to moderate hair thinning as hormones change, making this volumized style a welcome solution. Our stylists can work with you on the best variation of a layered cut for you, including where to part your hair to the right products to use for a fuller look.

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