The Best Hairstyles for Men with Beards


Hey guys – it’s that time of year again when it's common to ditch the razor to help increase awareness of various mens health-related causes, or just give your face some much-needed TLC. To kick off your repreave from the razor, we’ve put together some of our favorite hairstyles for men with beards.

High and Tight


For a masculine cut that’s a cinch to style, give the high and tight a try. This extremely versatile cut can be customized to suit you to a T.

Go the full-on polished and sharp route with skin-faded back and sides and slightly longer length on top. Or, for a softer take, opt for a more gradual fade on the sides. If you have naturally textured hair, leave just enough length on top to show off its shape for a sleek, stylish look.

Depending on the length you choose, you may not even need the help of a styling product. But, if you’d like to add a little texture or definition, work a dab of wax through dry hair.

Because it’s so short, this cut doesn’t require thick locks to look fantastic, which is good news for those with a naturally fine or thinning coif. Facial hair compliments this cut nicely. Whether you keep it knocked down to a little stubble or go a few extra days (or weeks), it will balance out your hair’s minimal proportions.

Side Part


You can’t go wrong with a side part. This classic and low-maintenance style is versatile enough to suit anyone and works well with a variety of hair textures and lengths.

As the name implies, this style relies on a side part. The top and sides are cut in a traditional fashion with a tapered neckline, resulting in a short, neat style. For a  more clearly defined part (and to help hair fall into place), ask your stylist for a hard part, which is a line shaved into the hair.

This style requires a good quality wax or pomade rubbed through wet or dry hair for control. Comb all of your hair away from your part and back towards a single point on the back left or right side of your head. Then, comb the sides downward.

Experiment with the amount of product and different ways to wear this hairstyle to find what works best for you. To up the swagger of this gentleman’s cut, pair with a short to medium length beard.

Man Bun


A man bun creates a stylish, rugged look, especially when worn with a full beard,  and can be a great option for maintaining wild strands. As with shorter styles, there are several variations of the cut, like long all-over or tightened up a bit with faded or undercut back and sides. The mun can be worn shaggy and loose, polished and tight, positioned high or low, by pulling back all of your hair or only the top section.

Hair density and texture are important considerations for this style. Really thick or curly hair can be harder to control and create a bushy bun, while very fine hair can look sparse and won’t make much of a mound.

To rock the man bun, leave your hair au naturale or prep with a styling wax, cream or gel to create different textures and level of shine. Begin by running your fingers (or comb) through your hair and gathering up strands from the top, back and sides. Guide it back to where you want your bun to be (usually between the crown and center of the back of the head) and pull it through a hair tie. Twist the tie and pull your hair halfway through the hole. Your hair should fold in half and form a bun. You can stop here, or twist and wrap the hair tie around the bun another time to tighten and secure it in place.


Long, short or somewhere in-between, we’d love to see your bearded style. Share your pics on social!


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