The Best Low-Maintenance Hair Color For Every Shade


The Best Low-Maintenance Hair Color For Every Shade

A trip to your salon should be a special occasion––not a chore. But certain hair colors require more upkeep and, yes, more hair appointments than others. So if you’re a low-maintenance girl, pick out a hair color to match. The trick for rocking a low-maintenance hair color is to choose a hue that avoids a quick grow out at all costs. So what hair colors reduce the need for routine coloring? We have honed in on the best low-maintenance options for every hair color, and we want you to give them a go.


For our Blonde Bombshells

We love platinum hair color just as much as you do, but we all know it’s not the most practical of shades when it comes to hair maintenance. Keeping your hair from turning an unwanted brassy tone can become a daily task, and most light-haired women require the ever-so-often dye job to keep that bleach blonde color up to par. For the best low-maintenance solution, opt for a shade that transitions smoothly into your natural grow out. Balayage and shadow root techniques are created to do just that. Making the hair look purposefully grown out, completely eliminates the need for periodic coloring. Highlights appear organic, and artificial color is blended within the natural strands. A rooty finish allows for a seamless transition into the next appointment.


For our Brunette Babes

To the shade with the least amount of upkeep, we look towards our brunette clients. For those rocking that darker look, dye jobs are not frequently required. However, when a pop of color is added, we want to ensure that it lasts until that next treatment. Incorporating tiger eye highlights into the hair is a great way to add dimension to your color without the hassle. Tiger eye highlights can range from caramel, warm mocha, and cinnamon highlights to burgundy depending on the desired look. The end result is fabulous and about as low-maintenance as it gets.


For our Fearless Redheads

For those either lucky enough to have naturally fiery locks, or are opting for a color treatment in order to obtain it, finding the perfect shade of low-maintenance red hair is an art. Partial highlights can give the illusion of all over color, without the added inconvenience. Auburn lowlights accompanied with copper-toned highlights gives the dimension we long for. Incorporating routine conditioning treatments with FS Keratin Treatment will leave locks looking moisturized while providing the hair with that freshly dyed look.


Incorporate these low-maintenance colors into your everyday look. Select shades that stun, all while keeping the hair healthy and protected.

Before you hop into your stylist’s chair, make sure your hair is healthy enough for color with these three steps.

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