The Best Men's Haircut for Your Face Shape


The Best Men's Haircut for Your Face Shape

Believe it or not, a classic crew cut is not the best haircut for all men.  In fact, most men are wearing the wrong haircut for their face shape. Not to worry though, there are many options for men’s haircuts you just need to find the right one that compliments your face shape.  Here is how to find the best men’s haircut for your face shape.


Textured Crop

This cut has the cropped professionalism of a businessman with a bit of added texture to incorporate movement, volume, and character. The textured crop haircut looks great on men with strong facial features because the cropped length accentuates good bone structure. An added bonus? The scissored texture of this must-try men’s haircut gives the illusion of finer hair appearing thicker. It’s the all-in-one, easy-to-master look for the office that is easily styled for a night out. Essentially, it’s your go-to hairstyle that kills the business meeting game and doubles as a ladies magnet.

How do you style it?  

The textured crop can be worn messy on the weekends or styled to mean all business for the boardroom. Brush it up with some added men’s hair products to ensure a flexible hold to attract the ladies. When it’s time to head into the office, just comb it out for a professional and manicured look.

Square face shape

Men with a square face shape should consider trying out the textured crop haircut because the shorter length accentuates their strong facial features, such as their wide and sharp jawline and very angled cheekbones. The texture of this haircut gives men with square-shaped faces a little movement and personality to their otherwise proportionate and rigid features.

Products to use?

If you’re looking for an easy way to style the textured crop cut, make sure to use some FS for Men matte wax to finish off the look. This matte wax contains a creamy, super easy-to-use formula to contour and control your hair into your desired style while maintaining your hair’s natural texture. Instead of spending an eternity in front of the mirror in the mornings, this versatile matte wax has everything you need to perfect the textured crop haircut in just minutes!


Side Swept Clean Fade

In order to master a flawlessly polished look, consider the side swept clean fade haircut for men. This haircut is shorter on the sides and taller on top and can be easily parted, to the side, combed, and styled for a crisp, clean look. The side swept clean fade haircut is a classy and timeless haircut that is guaranteed to land you that promotion.

How do you style it?

This haircut for men is easily styled for a professional look every time. All you need is some trusted men’s hair product and a comb to brush and style your cut to suit your taste and your face shape. Be sure to part your hair and comb thoroughly until your hair is brushed to one side, and BAM! You’ll be office-ready in no time.

Round face shape

The side swept clean fade adds definition and looks best on men with a round face shape. Round faces have the same shape as square-faced men, but with softer, less dramatic edges. Your chin and cheekbones, specifically, appear smoother and are likely less pronounced. Guys that have rounder faces could generally use more definition to make them appear longer, which is why the side swept clean fade cut is the best men’s haircut for you.

Products to use?

Try out some FS for Men hard wax if you’re looking for that added touch to your otherwise professional look. This hard wax polishes off your cut by adding texture and definition to your hair while ensuring a soft, natural appearance. It’s your best bet to nailing your business pitch without looking like a try-hard.


Curly Top With Fade

Think it’s impossible to find a groomed haircut for men with curly hair? Think again. The curly top with fade haircut is one of the best men’s haircut options for guys with hard-to-tame curls. This look is longer on top and the sides to maintain the volume and personality of your natural curls. But it fades down to the skin for a more professional, polished look that’s guaranteed to match the professionalism of your business and briefcase ensemble.

How do you style it?

Styling this haircut doesn’t take any extra time, but it does require regular trims to keep the curls on top from looking too bushy. Men who opt for the curly top with fade haircut should ask their hairstylist for a clipper grade from 2 down to a 1 and then gradually fade the clipper grade to 0.5 on the back and sides as the hair approaches the neckline.

Angular face shape

This haircut looks best on those with angular face shapes because the soft curls add a dreamy contrast to the masculinity of the sharp-angled facial features. However, the strong facial features are far from lost because the faded hair length enhances bone structure and sharp angles. It’s the best of the both worlds!

Products to use?

If you’re considering the curly top with fade haircut, make sure to use a product that works with your hair's natural texture and curl but delivers flexible long- lasting hold.

You may want to consider a grooming cream like FS for Men Grooming créme to tame curly hair styles with flexible hold.


Modern Pompadour

The modern pompadour haircut is a less manicured take on the classic look. This iconic haircut for men is shorter on sides and in the back, like the curly top with fade, but is much more voluminous for men with straighter hair. It still has the classy 1700’s feel, but it incorporates a little-added grunge for an overall hunky look turning you into an instant heartthrob in no time. It’s basically the bombshell haircut for men.

How do you style It?

In order to successfully style the modern pompadour haircut, you’ll need a trusted, strong men’s hair product like hair gel to get the long-lasting, breathtaking hold. Apply the gel to your hair and comb your hair backward evenly distributing it throughout your locks. Then, use the comb to lift the hair at the front of your head using an arched backward and forward motion.

Triangular face shape

The modern pompadour looks best on a triangular face shape. Triangular-shaped faces have a wide chin with smaller cheekbones and an even smaller forehead. Because of the dramatic style of the modern pompadour cut, it adds definition to the top of the face and accentuates the angle of a prominent chin bone.

Products to use?

In order to pull off the modern pompadour haircut, you will need hair gel like FS for Men X-treme gel to take your look to the next level. The gel contains an ultra-firm formula that you won’t find in any other gel. Instead of lathering all kinds of product to secure your look in place, use the X-treme gel for an all-in-one product that guarantees all-day volume and control.


Taper Cut 

The taper cut is one of the most versatile men’s haircuts out there. Essentially, this haircut is a gradual trim with shorter hair near the neckline and is cut with scissors instead of clippers for extra texture. For added detail, try a taper with a quiff, or a taper with a textured blowback style for a natural windswept look this summer. It’s a simple, yet eye-catching look for the man who wants to add just a bit more detail and personality to his hairstyle.

 How do you style it?

In order to get the taper with a quiff, start by blow drying your hair until it’s completely dry. Then use a comb to tease the hair on top of your head to make sure it is lifted off your face, and apply some trusted men’s hair product in a back-to-front motion to hold your taper cut in place all day long. For a taper with a textured blowback, blow dry your hair and immediately apply a holding product to your hair in a front to back motion with your hands.

Oval Face Shape

Taper cuts look best on men with oval shaped faces. Compared to other face shapes, oval shaped faces are longer and have more rounded and balanced facial features. If you have an oval face shape, you need a haircut that keeps your hair off your face, so you don’t lose your natural face length. The taper cut does the best job to lift your hair, so it stays away from your face all day long and adds definition to your natural face shape.

Products to use?

No taper cut is complete without adding a little men’s hair product. If you’re styling a quiff, use some grooming creme to get the lift and detail you want. If you’re going for more of a windswept look, apply a bit of hard wax to your blowback style to keep it looking natural all day long.   

So which haircut should you choose to finally get your boss to offer you that promotion, make all the ladies swoon, or just make you look like the confident man you are?  Pick the haircut that enhances your face shape, and purchase the right men’s hair products to save you time and energy in the mornings. You’ll look and feel ready to take on the world in no time!  

Any men’s haircut is incomplete without the right hair products. Make your life easier and save some time in the mornings by checking out FS for Men hair product line to get the necessities to pull off your look.

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