The Best Women's Haircuts for Your Face Shape


The Best Women's Haircuts for Your Face Shape

We all know that sometimes all you need to turn your day, week, or month around is a brand new haircut. There truly is nothing that compares to the boost of confidence you get when your hair is stylist-chair fresh. But before you jump the gun and ask your hairstylist for that one haircut you’ve seen overflowing your Instagram feed, make sure you know what haircut looks best with your face shape. Just because your best friend can rock the “updated Rachel” doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you. Read our guide and keep these tips in mind when you’re picking the best haircut for your face shape.

The Lob


The Lob haircut is the classic solution for any woman who wants to go for a not-too-long-but-not-too-short cut, and the popularity of this millennial classic is only growing. Essentially, lobs are just a longer version of the bob haircut that rose to fame in the 1920’s. However, instead of jawline-length hair, the millennial rendition of the cut falls between the chin and collarbone. The lob is also the perfect solution for anyone who has suffered heat damage because it can be versatile enough to cut away hair damage but also maintain a youthful length.

How do you style it?

The lob haircut is a super flexible hairstyle because the length can work to create virtually any quick and easy hairstyle. Flat-ironed to perfection or loose beachy waves? What about incorporate braids or half-updo hairstyles into your go-to hairstyle library? The lob has it all.

If you’re using a hair straightener or a curling iron frequently, however, be sure to invest in a product like some smoothing keratin treatment to provide heat protection from tools.

Round Face Shape

Usually, women with more rounded face shapes refuse to go for a shorter cut, but the lob is actually a perfect haircut for those of us with a fuller face shape. The widest part of a round face is at the cheeks, and lobs will balance out the roundness found at your cheekbones. Additionally, lobs with barely-there layers enhance the angles along the jawline and elongate the neck and lengthening your entire face.

Products to use?

Apply some texturizing spray for easy, glamorous volume. Smoothing gel is the product you need if you are looking for a straight, sleek lob that is perfect for transitioning from the office to night life. Shine serum will also help give your hair that beautiful, healthy-looking shine.

The Pixie Cut


The pixie cut is a bold and totally refreshingly feminine look that will make you want to chop off your hair right away. This haircut popularized in the 1950’s as Audrey Hepburn’s signature look, and the iconic haircut still turns heads today. With shorter hair on the side and back of the head and cropped in layers, so the hair is longer on top, this is look is perfect for bringing out your inner rebel and highlight your spunky side.

How do you style it?

Despite popular belief, pixie cuts can be just as versatile as any other haircut. Don’t believe us? Ask your hairstylist some hairstyle options that will look great on you. Pixie cuts can be spiked or slicked down. You can try out micro bangs, piecey bangs, or bold bangs. You can even create a tough faux-hawk or puffed-up pompadour. Let your creativity shine.

Heart Face Shape

Heart shaped faces are easy to spot with their delicately pointed chins and wide hairlines. The highlight of the heart-shaped face is the widow’s peak which forms the “V” of the heart. Pixie cuts are perfect for the heart face shape because the widow’s peak works with the hair’s natural movement. Not to mention, the bangs often associated with the pixie cut create a balance in the face by minimizing the width of the forehead while drawing the eyes away from the chin.

Products to use?

Texturizing spray and pomades are pixie cuts’ best friends. Both hair products add texture and toughness which looks stunning on a pixie cut. But be sure to use a small amount, or you could wind up with greasy looking hair. A dime-sized amount should do the trick!

Sleek Layers


Woman have been adding layers to their hair for ages now because of how flattering it looks with any hair type. Sleek layers give the illusion of adding volume and texture to the hair by cutting top layer hair shorter than the hair underneath. Typically, layers frame the face and can be as drastic or subtle as you’d like. This timeless hairstyle is perfect for anyone who wants to add movement and rock a cut that’s a bit edgier than your normal trim.

How do you style it?

Sleek layers are easy to style and look glamorous no matter where you’re going. Blow dry sections of the hair to create that long, sleek look. Then apply some smoothing mousse before blow drying to help create a long-lasting sleek finish. Sleek blowouts give you tons of width, but make sure to keep the hair out of the face, so you don’t lose your strong facial definition. 

Oblong face shape

Oblong face shapes are easily identified if you have broad cheekbones, an elongated forehead, and a strong jaw or narrow chin. Sleek layers look great on oblong face shapes because they draw out the width of the face while adding definition and texture to complement your facial features.  

Product to use?

Use some warm heat to push the hair away from your face and lightly spritz your hairline with some hairspray to keep the hair from hugging your face. Smoothing keratin treatments will help protect your hair from the styling tools and will reduce frizz leaving the hair silky-smooth.

Frisky Fringe



Fringe haircuts are all the rave this year, and there is no question why. This statement haircut is the perfect mix of sweetly chic and effortlessly spunky. Get the tousled hair look with a shoulder-length cut coupled with brow-skimming bangs for a winning combination. Ask your hairstylist about this face-framing cut, and we promise you’ll get fringe fever too.

How do you style it?

Rock your personality and work your bangs with the frisky fringe haircut. It’s always easiest to style bangs when they are wet, not damp. Point your hair dryer down and move it side to side while combing through the hair. In doing so, the bangs won’t dry flat against your head.

Square Face Shape

Square face shapes have prominent facial features with a forehead and jawline that are similar in width. The jawline is usually strong and broad, and the forehead is generally straight at the hairline. This choppy haircut elongates the face while softening the harsh facial definition. (Talk about a win-win!) Choppy bangs that are rounded on the sides are always a beautiful and flattering choice because blunt bangs can make the jawline appear more square.

Product to use?

Try adding a small amount of pomade to the end of your bangs to help add texture to your face-framing frisky fringe.

Posh Bob


The posh bob has been around for generations, and it still holds its own because of its charming simplicity. This haircut is the perfect option for style icons and businesswomen alike. The short, angular haircut is typically cut with sharp lines around the jaw-line for an edgy, yet super feminine look.

How do you style it?

With the right hair styling products, posh bobs are very easy to style considering their short length. To create more volume in your ultra-sleek cut, apply some dry shampoo to your roots or use a curling iron to add some effortless waves to your hair.

Triangle Shape

Triangle shaped faces feature a forehead that is wider than the jaw with sharp lines at the cheekbones. The posh bob is the perfect haircut for women with a triangle face shape because it complements sharp facial features and appears to decrease the width of the forehead without making the face look too narrow.

Product to use?

If you’re going for ultimate gloss, try adding a spritz of shine serum to create a sleek, shiny look. But if you want to amp up the volume, be sure to apply some finishing spray after you put down the curling iron.

Now that you know what kind of haircut looks best with each face shape be sure to ask your hairstylist about the one that will look best on you. We know that rocking a flattering haircut is a total game-changer. Before you sit down in your hairstylist’s chair, review our face-shape guide to make sure your new cut looks great on you.


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