In Bloom: Top Spring Hair Colors Inspired by Nature


In warmer parts of the country, flowers are blooming, and up north, the ice is finally thawing. Wherever you live, spring is here and may have you ready to shed the darker hair colors of fall and winter. While we love those brooding amber and mahogany shades, there’s just something about lightening up your hair and your mood after a long winter.

The blossoming trees and flowers are our inspiration with these three spring hair colors.

Blooming blonde


Tulips, daffodils, narcissus and hyacinth in shades from soft white to buttery yellow have us longing to go back to the soft blonde tresses that may have darkened up over the cooler months.

Talk with your stylist about the best way to lighten and brighten your current shade – whether it involves strategically placed babylights, all-over balayage for a naturally sun-kissed look or a full-head color to go all out golden goddess.

Buttery blonde is trending right now, so make sure to consider this beautiful, honey-yellow hue that channels rays of sunshine, even on rainy spring days.

Keep in mind that blonde shades (and colored hair in general) do require a little extra TLC to maintain, so make sure you’re using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, and styling products that help lock in moisture and prolong the life of your color. Blondes are also susceptible to brassy tones, so using a violet shampoo once a week that’s specifically designed for brighter blonde hues is your best bet.

Cherry Blossom Blonde


The whisper-soft pink of cherry blossoms and peonies inspire this delicate pinkish-blonde shade. The pastel hue adds a slight edge to the look, while still being light and airy, and isn’t so dramatic of a shade that it can still be perfect for even the most professional of workplace settings.

Depending on your natural hair color or base shade, extra lightening steps might be involved in your salon coloring process. For dark brown or black hair, it first needs to be lightened to strip out the natural color, to a pale yellowish shade. Then, the soft pink pastel can be added in via balayage techniques throughout the hair all over, or focused around the top and sides for a face-framing finish.

Strawberry Blonde


If you’re looking for a little more intensity to your color or a more noticeable hair color change, look to lighter, natural looking reds. And, since red is the rarest naturally-occurring hair color, you’ll turn heads in strawberry blonde.

The shade (or mix of shades) can be interpreted in different ways – choose a light reddish, pale copper with blonde highlights throughout, or opt for a peachy blonde mix of balayage around your crown. If your hair is naturally on the reddish side, try accents of a lighter strawberry blonde shade to revitalize your look for the new season. Care tip – maintain your color a little longer by treating with a leave-in conditioner.

Whether you’re starting with brown hair or blonde, your stylist can recommend the best way to incorporate strawberry blonde into your look, from the fully committed, saturated color to just a subtle change.


Just like the blooming colors of nature, there is no limit to the variation and beauty that can play into your spring hair renaissance.


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