Calling All Brunette Babes: We’re Obsessing Over This Brunette Hair Trend


Calling All Brunette Babes: We’re Obsessing Over This Brunette Hair Trend

We live in an age where we can change our hair color as often as we’d like depending on our hair personality, our mood, or the day's top hair trend. 2017’s hair color trends have been nothing short of creative, ranging from hair colors inspired by the shine and shimmer of gemstones to the cozy lifestyle trends that have defined this year’s home decor obsessions. But, this year would not be complete without just one more brunette hair color trend to top off the list.  

This new hair color obsession is perfect for those who want that toasty glow to keep cozy for the holidays. We’re looking at you brunette babes! Root beer hair color looks best on brunettes who want a distinctive hue that oozes with warmth. Sarah Hyland, Jenna Dewan Tatum, and Selena Gomez are among the A-list stars already modeling this brunette hair trend.

What Exactly is Root Beer Hair Color?

Root beer hair color is a medium-to-dark brunette color characterized by warm, reddish accents that range from chocolate or auburn highlights to cinnamon or hazelnut lowlights. This hair color combo is perfectly suited for natural or colored brunettes who might not be in the color range for a brighter red tone but still want that warmer hue for the holiday season. Root beer inspired tints automatically adds movement and dimension to the hair making it the “it color” this holiday season.

How Do You Get Root Beer Hair Color?

The key to getting the perfect shade of root beer hair color is to use both lowlights and highlights to break up your original brunette base color. And the end result? That flawless toasty brown color that looks as naturally warm as it gets. Because root beer hair color works with your natural, brown roots, it’s the perfect first step for brunettes who haven’t experimented with hair color before. Be sure to chat with your hairstylist to figure out the exact shade that works with your skin tone, so you truly glow this holiday season.

What Hair Color Products Help Brunette Hair Color?

Make sure your hair glows with this auburn, hazelnutty hue all winter long by protecting your color with some FS Color Protect Shampoo and conditioner. If this isn’t your first rodeo experimenting with hair color, stock up on our FS Color Protect Deep Repair Masque to make sure your hair is getting the nourishment it needs to stay glossy, full, and healthy. Your hair will thank you later.

Now that you know all about the latest hair color fad, what are you waiting for? Head to your closest hair salon to try out the root beer hair color for yourself!


Think you’re ready to try out this season’s latest hair trend? Brush up on these tips and tricks to make sure your root beer hair color doesn’t fade.  

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