Can Changing Your Hair Change Your Life?


Can Changing Your Hair Change Your Life?

In a word: yes. Changing your hair really can change your life. It can make you feel more confident; it can embolden you to make decisions you might otherwise have avoided; changing your hair can make you more YOU.

The great Coco Chanel was quoted as saying once,

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

But what really happens when we change our hair?

If you’ve ever gone through a rough breakup or moved to a new city, you’re well acquainted with the phenomenon that comes with chopping off all of your hair or dying it a unique color like dark green.

These drastic changes allow us to adopt a new persona. They let us be a little more free, a little more intriguing, a little more daring than we were before. It’s the same concept as dressing up in your mother’s or sister’s clothing as a little kid: taking on a new look lets you take on a new identity.

More than taking on a new identity, though, changing your hair color or trying out a new cut—even just switching up the hairstyle you’ve rocked for years—gives you a fresh chance to express your individuality to the world.

When you change your hairstyle, haircut, or hair color, you say to the world, “This is me. This is how I feel about myself and what I want you to know about me.”

With the new year upon us, it’s the perfect time to take a look in the mirror and assess what we’re saying about ourselves through our hair. Are we projecting the kind of self-love we deserve? Is our hair as gorgeous, interesting, and flawless as our personalities?

If your hair isn’t accurately reflecting your life, it may be time to change your hair. Likewise, if your life needs a little revamping, start with your hair and the rest will follow.

Just remember: it’s never too late to make a change—with your hair or otherwise!

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