Celebrate Valentine’s Day Right With These Gorgeous Date-Night Hairstyles


It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re celebrating one month, one year or 25 years, make sure to complete your wardrobe with a gorgeous hairstyle. Below are some of our favorites, perfect for a romantic dinner, double-date or even a Galentine’s celebration. Read on to learn how to achieve each look and ways to add your own variations.

Flowing Waves


What makes this hairstyle fantastic is its versatility. Flowing waves can look great on anyone and this style is easily customizable depending on your hair type, length and desired level of glam. Whether your hair is long, medium length or even a chin-length bob, you can still enjoy the wavy look.

To achieve this look, start with a styling mousse applied on damp hair to add body, texture and shine. Then blowdry the hair. Separate the top half of the hair from the bottom half, and clip the top half up so you can start creating your waves from the bottom. Take a 1-2” section of hair, lightly spray it with a setting spray or flexible-hold hairspray, and use a 1” wide (or larger) curling iron or wand to make a wave. The key point here is to leave out the end portion of the strand so the curl doesn’t fully reach the end. Finish curling the bottom section of the hair this way, then unclip the top half and do the same, alternating directions of the curl.

Once you’ve curled all of your hair, separate the curls with your fingers and add some shine mist and finishing spray to keep your style looking great all evening.

Variations on this style

  • Use a brush (instead of your fingers) to separate the curls, making them less defined for a softer look
  • Add a center or side part and smooth the hair down around the part
  • If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, choose only certain sections to curl with the iron, leaving some of your natural waves in the mix
  • Pin a few small pieces of the hair back from your face with bobby pins (you could even twist or braid these sections!)
  • Twist your hair around a flat iron instead of a curling iron to make bends in the hair rather than curls

Bun with a Braid


If you’re looking for a date-night hairstyle that’s quick, simple and looks great, we suggest trying the bun with a braid. It’s a gorgeous adaptation of the standard bun, and easy to replicate. 

Start by gathering all of your hair and securing it into a high ponytail. Separate the ponytail into two sections, one a little larger than the other. Let the smaller section fall free for a moment while you twist the larger section into a bun. Secure the ends of the bun with bobby pins. Next, take the smaller section of hair and braid it. Wrap it around the base of the bun and secure those ends as well. Use a light finishing spray to keep any flyaways in check, and voila – you’re ready to go!

Variations on this style

  • Leave some bangs or face-framing strands out of your ponytail
  • Braid a few small sections of hair before securing your ponytail to add more texture and personality
  • Instead of putting all the hair up, try the bun with braid using only the top half of your hair, leaving the bottom section down

Messy Updo


The messy updo can be interpreted in many ways and personalized for every style and occasion – including date night. It’s the same general idea as the previous style (bun with braid), but with some added flair and less structure.

There are a few different ways to achieve this look.

First, you can gather all of your hair into a ponytail and then separate it out into sections, pinning each section in random places surrounding the base. Depending on your hair texture and length, you might even be able to twist these sections together or individually to add style. If you have straight or fine hair, you may want to curl the hair and add finishing spray before this step in order to add volume.

Another approach to try (instead of starting with a ponytail), is to begin by pulling sections of hair back from the face and pinning them to the back of the head. Once you’ve secured the front sections of hair, work on the back half in 1- to 2-inch sections, twisting them around and securing them with pins until all of the hair is up. Pull some face-framing layers or side-swept bangs out to soften the look.

Variations on this style

  • Pull some strands of hair loose from the back of your updo to give it more of an unstructured look
  • Add a flower or embellishment to the side of your updo as a finishing touch
  • Wear a headband with it (we suggest putting the headband on before beginning to style your updo)
  • Style your messy updo low on one side instead of centered in the back

Half-up, Half-down


If you can’t decide whether to style your hair up or down for a night out, try the best of both worlds with a half-up, half-down look. Whether your hair is long, short, curly or straight, this style works well for anyone.

Gather the top half of your hair together from ear-level up, leaving the bottom half hanging down. Secure the hair back with a no-show elastic band. Then, take a small section of that hair, wrap it around the elastic a few times and pin the ends of that hair under the half-up ponytail. If you have thin or straight hair, you can add extra volume to this style by first curling your hair or back-combing the crown a bit before pulling the top half back.

Variations on this style

  • Instead of gathering the top half of the hair all together, separate it into two sides and secure each separately at the back of your head
  • Side-part your hair first and pull the side sections down and back for a lower half-up, half-down style

No matter which of these gorgeous date-night styles you choose, remember to have fun and make it your own with a little customization. 

We’d love to see your final results, so share your pics @fantasticsams on Facebook and Instagram.

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