Channel Your Inner Rockstar with These Fun Hairstyles


When you think of rockstar hairstyles, what features come to mind? Lots of volume? Long, wild locks? Unique, unconventional cuts? Bright colors? Perfectly coiffed, polished looks?

The rockstar look could mean different things to different people, but the common theme for all of these looks is the fun vibe they seem to contribute to the person wearing them.

In today’s blog, we’ll explore some of these fun hairstyles to help you channel your own inner rockstar. Consult with your stylist to achieve your vision, and you just might end up jamming on your air guitar or headbanging your way home from the salon.

Long hair with layers


Many female (and male, for that matter) rockstars have long, flowing hair. What better way to accessorize your black leather head-to-toe style than with long locks to swing, flip and shake to the music? There’s a reason why “hair bands” from the 70s and 80s got their name – the hair ruled (and still does, obviously). Back then, the hair was teased out for max volume and a lot of times it was bleached blonde for ultimate visibility. Fans swooned for the stars, the music and of course, the magnificent manes on display.

In our current times, hair still plays a huge part in our favorite rockstars’ looks, but it certainly has evolved. You might see super long, layered looks with bright colors or ever-changing longer styles and colors achieved with the help of extensions or regular salon visits to keep things looking fresh. And don’t forget, you’ll need some quality hair styling products for best results.

To make this look your own, you’ll need to have medium-to-long length hair. As rockstars are typically a little more wild and outgoing, add some layers throughout for maximum dimension and movement. Long hair that is all one length is a more polished look, but with the right theatrics, you can make it rock. As a bonus, top it off with a bold, bright color for maximum effect!

Texturized shag


Maybe you’re not into long hair or want to do something a little different with your medium-length hair. A shag hairstyle is the way to go! With many layers and almost mullet-like shape, this can be a super-edgy and fun hairstyle to try.


Whether you have wavy hair, or sleeker, straighter hair, you can make the shag hairstyle your own. Have your stylist add piecy, fringed bangs or play up your waves with layer length, there’s no limit to the options of this look. Go hardcore metal or emo with a dark brown or jet black color, or get a blonde or light brown balayage look with a dark shadow root. The only rules with the shag are layers, layers, layers!

Short and spiked


Your inner rockstar style might actually be the short and spiked variety, but less hair absolutely does not mean less attitude! With this fun hairstyle, you can smooth it out for a more polished, professional look during the day, and spike it up with the help of a texturizing styling product like our FS Molding Mud for max volume for after-hours fun.

Talk to your stylist about the goal look you’re shooting for, and she’ll be able to recommend the best cut and length for your preference. Whether it’s a shaved back and sides of the head with longer hair on top, or longer sides and more hair on top, you’ll need a little styling time to strategically place those wild strands.

Your individual style


With 2020 being a unique time for all of us, the one thing we should take away is that we never know what the future holds. If you’ve considered a more “fun” hairstyle or something different that what you’re used to, now is definitely the perfect time to try it! (And, we’re standing by to help you!)

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which style or color you prefer, only that you rock it with confidence and make it your own.

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