Cute Halloween Hairstyles for Your Trick-or-Treaters


Let’s be honest, kids have a lot of trouble choosing their Halloween costumes each year. No parent is surprised when their child switches up their costume at the last minute or wants to go with a couple different options. To help you out, here are two super-cute Halloween hairstyles that work for a variety of kids’ costumes.

Cute Halloween Hairstyle for Girls – Braided Ponytails 

While it might not be easy to pull together all the costumes your daughter wants this Halloween, you can make it easy for her to switch between them. Avoid having to redo her hair by going with a versatile hairstyle like braided ponytails. 

How to create braided ponytails: 

  • Make sure her hair is the right length for her costume. (If you need a quick trim, just head to your nearby Fantastic Sams salon).
  • After washing her hair, let it fully dry.
  • Brush her hair all the way through to remove any knots.
  • Part the hair down the middle or off to either side.
  • On the right side of her head, divide the hair into three equal strands.
  • Cross the left strand over the middle one, then take the right strand and cross it over the new middle section.
  • Continue this pattern all the way down her hair until you reach the ends.
  • Pull the braid tightly for a neat look or leave it a little loose for a more unkempt look.
  • Secure the braid with an elastic band.
  • Repeat steps five through nine on the other side of her head. 

Costume options

Once you have the braids secured, your daughter will be able to choose between several adorable costumes this Halloween:

  • Wednesday Addams with long braided ponytails.
  • A superhero with ponytails flying in the wind.
  • A police officer with ponytails under a cap.


Cute Halloween Hairstyle for Boys – Mohawk 

The good news for boys’ Halloween hairstyles is that you can get a little more creative with how you cut and style their hair. If a crazy style makes the costume more creative, go for it. You can just trim it and the hair will be back to its normal length in a couple of weeks. This freedom is why we went with a Mohawk for our versatile boy’s Halloween haircut.

How to style the Mohawk:

  • First, we recommend starting with wider, longer strips of hair down the middle just in case. With a Mohawk, you can easily trim it down but it’s tough to make it wider or longer once you cut it. We don’t recommend doing this on your own as it can end badly. Just head to a nearby Fantastic Sams to have one of our stylists get the cut just right for you.  
  • On Halloween, use the strongest gel you can find to spike the hair on the top of the head in the right style. 
  • If you go with a longer Mohawk, regular hair products might not work. In this case, try using Elmer’s Glue (make sure it’s non-toxic) to get the hair to stay in place. 

Costume options

Technically, a Mohawk can be any hairstyle that’s shorter on the sides with a noticeably longer strip of hair down the middle of the head. You can also choose to go with a faux hawk – the watered-down version of the Mohawk. This gives you a lot of options for costumes like:

  • A baby skeleton with a short, wavy Mohawk.
  • A vampire with a faux hawk.
  • A punk rocker with a maxed-out Mohawk.


If you need more help finding the right cute Halloween hairstyle for your little trick-or-treater, head to a nearby Fantastic Sams and our stylists can help you find the perfect look. 

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