Do You Have Summer FOMO?

Every year, summertime can’t arrive soon enough. But, sadly, it only lasts three months and before you know it, school is starting, labor day is insight and that panicky feeling of Summer FOMO is creeping in.  So, what exactly is Summer FOMO? 

Do You Have Summer FOMO?


Summer FOMO, stands for “fear of missing out” on summer. In other words, you are terrified that summer is vanishing right before your eyes before eyes.  


Unfortunately, it can be easy to catch a case of summer FOMO. Let’s review the symptoms and diagnose if you are suffering from this dreaded summertime malady. You may have summer FOMO if......

  1. Are you constantly staring out the window at work or at home longing for the warmth of the sunlight?

  2. Have you thought about spontaneously jumping in your car and driving to the closest beach for a day or weekend escape?

  3. Do you stalk your adventurous friends on Facebook to see their latest exotic travel destinations, recent music festival pics, and non-stop summer fun in the sun?  

  4. Do you take every opportunity to have a pool day even if it starts at 6 p.m.?

  5. Are you already planning for next summer because you feel like summer is ending way too soon to fit it everything you had planned to do?

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, then you may be suffering from summer FOMO - and you are not alone.  Studies suggest that 40% of Millenials report feeling the anxiety of missing out. But, there is good news: Summer isn’t over yet and there are ways that you can ease that Summer FOMO feeling. 

Stop comparing yourself to others:  Start with realizing that the images on Facebook are an exaggerated display of reality.  

Practice gratitude:  Are you truly grateful?  Enjoy the simple things in life.  Take a moment to appreciate everyone and everything.  Be grateful.

Live in the moment:   Step away from your mobile device and truly soak in the experience. Collect memories, not things.

The struggle is real - Summer FOMO is an awful thing to have, but the cure is so simple!   Try these tips, relax, have fun and remember it’s your life you’re missing out on.

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