Don't Do These 5 Things If You Want Healthy Hair



Gorgeous hair is a crave-worthy attribute that is coveted by women everywhere.  But, in the pursuit of healthy hair, some of us go overboard or do the wrong things without even realizing it.


Don't Do These 5 Things If You Want Healthy Hair


1. Condition Your Roots

It may be surprising to learn that you are probably using conditioner the wrong way. Hair conditioner is meant to hydrate the middle and end parts of your hair, not the roots. Who knew? The nutrients from conditioner can weigh down hair at the roots, so use conditioner at the ends of your hair where it is needed most. The ends are the oldest part of your hair and are typically prone to the most damage. However, the roots are the newest part of the hair and are naturally moisturized from oils produced in the hair follicle. Wondering why your hair goes from va-va-voom in the morning to flat, and limp by lunch? You are likely over conditioning your roots.


2. Have a Poor Diet 

Did you know that each strand of hair is made of a hard protein called keratin? Your body needs a balanced diet of protein and nutrients to help grow healthy hair in the three-phase hair growth cycle.  At any one time, around 90% of hair is in the growing phase of the hair cycle.  In fact, each follicle has its own life cycle which can be influenced by many factors such as age, disease and diet. A poor diet with low protein and severe calorie restriction can cause the hair to go into a resting phase causing temporary hair loss. Feed your hair through a balanced diet.  Lean sources of protein such as poultry, fish and Greek yogurt are ideal. Salmon, avocados, nuts and eggs will provide your hair the healthy fats and amino acids it needs to always be fantastic.

3. Skip Regular Trims

This may be one of the biggest hair "dont's" - skipping regular trims is a big no-no if you want healthy hair. Trimming your hair every six to eight weeks is not a new tip, but it really is worth repeating since it is one of the best hair tips to follow for healthy hair. Long hair, short hair or growing-out hair, this tip applies to all hair lengths and hair types. You may be surprised to learn that a regular trim can not only improve the overall appearance of your hair but it can literally stop and help prevent further damage such as split ends, frizz and overprocessed hair.

4. Wash Hair with Hot Water

Who doesn't love a hot, steamy shower after a long day? Your hair doesn't. Washing your hair with hot water can dry out your strands by stripping it of natural oils and moisture causing it to be brittle. Dial down the heat with lukewarm water when you shampoo and condition. Finish with a cold rinse to lock in the moisture and turn up the shine. 

5. Over-Expose Locks to the Sun

We all know the risks associated with too much sun exposure for our skin. But what about your hair? Your hair also needs to be protected from the harmful UV rays that can damage your hair and fade your hair color. There are many products to protect your hair from the sun that can be applied to protect your hair in the sun. Another great option is a floppy hat which will provide shade to your hair, scalp, and face while adding a stylish flair to your summer outfit. Whatever you choose, make sure to protect your locks from the damaging rays of the sun.

Small, consistent habits can have an enormous impact on most anything that you do in life. Why not try a few of these tips for the health of your hair?  Say goodbye to unhealthy hair and hello gorgeous - make every day a Fantastic Hair Day!

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