Easy Braid Hairstyles to Try this Month


 Easy Braid Hairstyles to Try This Month

Almost every girl has rocked braids sometime in their life. And it's no wonder, braids are one of the most versatile hairstyles because they can help beat the summer heat, are perfect for casual fall days and can hide bad hair days in a pinch.  Braids are wildly popular and a huge hair trend this season. Not sure how to braid hair past the basic styles? Here are easy braid hairstyles to try this month - Dutch braids, French braids and fishtail braids.

The Basic Braid


This basic braid hairstyle is a simple yet classic style that can be worn dressy or casual by all ages. This braided hairstyle is the most popular because it is so simple and quick to do and is the epitome of effortless chic. So how do you do the basic braid?

  • Separate hair into three equal sections.  
  • Lightly spray hair with a texturizing spray to instantly build volume and long-lasting hold. 
  • Gather the two outer sections and weave them into the middle section by alternating each outer section over the center section.
  • Once you reach the end secure the braid with an elastic tie. 

This basic braid is the easiest and the most versatile braided style that can be worn at school or to your best friend’s wedding.


French Braids


Once you’ve mastered the classic braid give a French braid a try.  This braid style starts like a classic braid but there are two important features of a French braid - sections are weaved over the outer sections and additional sections are added. French braids are done by weaving the outer sections of hair over the center section, and before you move over each outer section, you will add more hair to that section. French braids may seem difficult at first, but with a little practice, you can have beautiful braids in no time! 

  • Start by gathering a section of hair at the top of your head
  • Separate the section into three equal sections and start braiding the three strands using the traditional braid method
  • Cross the “right” strand over the center. Then, cross the “left” strand over to the center. Repeat until you've made a couple of a traditional braid rows Continue the traditional braid but start bringing in other pieces of hair. This is the step that puts the French in a French braid Before crossing a section over to center, grab some hair from that side of your head and include it in the cross-over 



Dutch Braids


Think of Dutch braids as an inside-out or reverse French braid. They are created the same way as French braids, but instead of braiding the section over the center section, you braid under the center section. French braids give off a smooth appearance, while Dutch braids create a thick braid. Both are delicate and beautiful and can be used to create more advanced hairstyles as you improve. 

  • Start at the top of your head and gather a portion of hair
  • Divide the hair into three, equal sections
  • Cross the right section under the middle section
  • Cross the left section under the middle section
  • Add some hair to the right strand before crossing it under the middle strand
  • Repeat on the left side with the left strand
  • Continue adding hair to the strands and braiding them
  • Continue braiding until you reach the end of your hair, then secure with an elastic hair tie


Fishtail Braids


Fishtail braids may look challenging, but with a little practice, it will be perfect for those busy mornings or bad hair days.

  • Begin a fishtail braid by splitting your ponytail into two equal halves
  • Then cross one strand from each side over the center; you are simply creating Xs
  • Once you complete your look, don’t be afraid to pull out some strands of hair and add a light touch of finishing spray; the messier and thicker the better


So, go ahead and rock these super-easy-braids with your next fall look and share them with us on social media. 


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