Embrace Your Inner Hippie With These Boho-Chic Hairstyles


You may have had to forgo your favorite outdoor concert this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your boho-chic side to get your music festival fix. In fact, the long wait to see your stylist may’ve given you the chance to add a good amount of length to your locks. You’ve had to acclimate to a simpler way of life this year, and the bohemian style is all about connecting with nature and your own spirit. Why not embrace the outlook with some fun, low-maintenance boho-chic hairstyles? Read on for ways to make your own outdoor celebration a little more stylish.

Boho braids


Braids are among the most versatile of styles. From fishtail braids to micro braids, think of them as the messy bun of boho style: simple, quick and can’t go wrong. You can slick them back in one or two long braids, or twist a few thin ones throughout your hair, teasing strands around your face for a more casual look. For the more skilled hand, you can make your own hippie crown of braids.

Flower power


Flowers never go out of style. Tucking one over your ear or fastening one around the end of a braid adds the perfect bohemian touch. There are no rules, so grab a big Carrie Bradshaw-esque blossom to accentuate a side ponytail or fasten tiny floral barettes around random pieces of your hair. As with most accessories, the possibilities are endless. Adding flowers to your tresses is the ultimate ode to nature and can make any hairstyle more boho-chic.

Hippie headbands


The best thing about boho-chic headbands is that there is no need to purchase anything new—you can use what you already have. A long necklace? Just double wrap it around your head for an ethereal look. Have a favorite bandana or scarf? You can cinch it over your hair to both hold it back and give a uniform, but chic, style. The best part? You can practice this simplistic style with long or short hair.

Beachy boho waves


Everything about this look says natural. The beauty of it is the zero effort it takes to maintain. Wash, spray with a sea salt mist and go. Messy is an asset when it come to this beachy, boho-chic hairstyle. Add some ombre color on the ends or highlights at the roots to give your strands a little depth.

Embrace your hippie side


Boho-chic style is inspired by free spirits who love to travel and create, and the best part is there are no set rules. You can make it your own by using accessories in different colors or patterns, playing with braids and buns or just letting your hair go natural. In a time full of restrictions we didn’t expect, embracing your boho side can give you the freedom your restless hippie soul is seeking.  


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