Everything You Need to Know About the Cool Girl Shag Haircut


Everything You Need to Know About the Cool Girl Shag Haircut

The original shag haircut had its heyday in the 70’s. Farrah Fawcett was the queen of the light-as-air feathered ‘do, and everyone brought her picture to the hair salon to get theirs just right. But that was 40 years ago! Today’s ultra-cool shag haircut is a vast improvement on the classic disco style. Thinking about making a change? Here’s everything you need to know about the cool girl shag haircut.

The Modern Shag Haircut Flatters All Face Shapes

A lot like the ever-popular lob haircut, the cool girl shag flatters just about every face shape. Whether you’ve got a more rounded face—in which case, you may look into hair contouring to create more angles—or sharper features, the shag haircut is sure to bring out the fierceness. It’s definitely an edgy haircut, but it can also be softened with different textures and styles.

The modern shag haircut can go from rock ‘n’ roll to rom-com in five minutes flat with the help of a little texturizing spray and a curling iron. So, whether you’re feeling dark and daring or fun and flirty, the cool girl shag haircut is there for you.

The Cool Girl Shag Haircut Works With All Hair Textures

If you think you need beachy wavy hair in order to pull of the cool girl shag haircut, you’re totally off-base. No matter what your hair’s texture is, the modern shag haircut can accentuate and enhance your natural beauty. Even if you have tight curls, you can absolutely pull off this ultra-hip look. Make sure that your stylist is familiar with your hair’s texture. Because curly hair dries significantly shorter, it can be super easy to cut curly hair shorter than you’d like. But, if you find the right stylist, you should feel like a rock star by the time you leave the salon.

There’s No Feathering Involved in the Modern Shag Haircut

As we mentioned earlier, the 1970’s shag haircut involved a heavy dosage of feathering. So much so that it could end up looking more like a mullet than an effortlessly chic haircut. Yikes!  

The modern shag haircut is a major remix, though. Instead of focusing on feathering, the cool girl shag makes it all about the subtle layers. This particular kind of shag haircut lends itself really well to messy, beachy, too-cool-for-school hairstyles. The subtle layers allow your hair’s natural texture to be played up, which makes it a total no-brainer to air-dry your hair and go.

You don’t need to rock a cool girl shag haircut to be cool—but it definitely doesn’t hurt. To make this style your new look, head over to your closest Fantastic Sams Cut and Color today.  


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