Everything You Need to Know About Layered Hair


Longing for a way to take your look to the next level without chopping your locks? Give layers a try. Layered hair blends shorter strands into the length to create movement and remove weight. From light, non-uniform detail layers that show off your hair color to extreme layers that remove the most weight, layers create shape in the interior of your cut and are the defining personal expression in many styles.  Layers are so versatile they can be customized for a unique, personalized look whether your hair is thick or thin, curly or straight, long or short or anything in between. The trick to nailing this style is to consider the thickness and texture of your natural hair along with what assets you’d like to highlight, to determine what type of layering will work best for you.

Long and luxurious

Long layered hairstyles allow you to grow your hair to great lengths without the heaviness. Leaving your locks long and cutting into the hair only a couple of inches from the end will result in extra texture and volume without sacrificing overall length.

To make your hair easier to style and add even more movement, have short, medium and long layers snipped throughout. For a smooth and sleek look, opt for subtle, blended layers. Or, if the undone and messy look is more your style, opt for shorter, choppy layers. Just keep in mind, when adding layers to frame your face, the shortest strands should highlight your most flattering point, typically the cheekbones or jawline.


When it comes to styling, there’s no shortage of ways to wear long layered cuts.  Show off your layers and boost volume by spritzing your roots with a volumizing root lifter. To sport a flawlessly sleek ‘do, smooth with a straightening iron and keep flyaways at bay by applying a de-frizzing serum. Or, break out the curling iron to add a little bounce. Can’t decide? Take advantage of your long locks and do both! Straighten from the roots down the length of your strands then flip up the ends for a little kick.

Medium length layered hair

Often referred to as “the chop,” the key to the perfect medium length cut lies in the length itself. Not too long and not too short, a medium length style looks best when it hits at the collarbone or a bit above. There are so many different styles to choose from, anyone can rock this look.

Layered cuts are one of the most popular and extremely universal medium length styles that flatter all hair types and face shapes. Single length cuts tend to hang limp with no movement and can conceal the natural contours of your face. Layering adds shape, volume and texture making it a great choice for accentuating your face and adding interest to your hair.


For a small change with a huge impact, go for subtle layers beginning at the jawline to add structure. Spice up your look even more by experimenting with parting your hair in different ways to find what works best with your face shape.

Have thick or wavy hair? A layered cut could be your saving grace. Layers hold especially well and add much needed movement, so hair doesn’t appear heavy or have a blocky look.

For straight hair, layers should be concentrated at the ends to keep it from looking too thin.

Short and sweet

Short cuts are super easy to style, not to mention cool and comfortable in hot summer weather. Some of the best short layered hairstyles are incredibly simple; it’s all about finding the right shape.

Pixies and bobs are easy to manage, especially for those with straight hair because they don’t require any special styling tools (or skill). Just a quick blow dry and comb-through and you’re out the door.  But, don’t underestimate short layered hair. It’s anything but ho-hum with fun and versatile styles that range from cute and sassy to bold and edgy.


For a smooth and polished look, try a bob with light layers that blend easily. Tuck side pieces behind your ears and leave a few layers in front for a more casual look.

Or, for the perfect mix of messy and sleek go for a choppy pixie. Use a texturizing product for a bedhead-inspired style or slick it back for a more sophisticated evening look.

What you lack in length with a short layered cut you can make up for in volume and height at the crown. Short layers are a stylish way to emphasize the volume of thick hair, or for those with super-fine hair, fake it.


Regardless of the length, layering is a sure-fire way to add some spark to your hairstyle. With so many different looks to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your personality and lifestyle.


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