Expert Tips For Growing Out Short Hair


Short Hair, but you do care

We’ve all been there. Maybe you wanted to try that cute little pixie look, or had the inclination to try bangs or perhaps just grew tired of your long locks and wanted a change. Problem is, instead of loving your new style, you hate it and now have to find a way to live with it for the time being. And while your discomfort is only temporary, the misery as you wait can make it feel very permanent.

But there is no need to despair for long. There are things you can do now, to get the hair you want later. Ease your style into a cut that you’ll eventually love without hiding yourself from the public until that happens. You may not love your in-between look, but we can show you how to not hate it.


Keep it healthy

Make the best of the hair you have and don’t give up on it. Keeping your hair in the best condition possible is the quickest way to mold it to the style you’d eventually like it to be. Use conditioning treatments to lock in moisture and take supplements such as biotin to keep the new growth thick and healthy at the roots while avoiding breakage at the ends.

Rather than just let your hair hang until it grows a few inches, have your stylist shape your tresses as they grow out. They can nip split ends, which are more noticable in closely cropped or blunt bob styles, and add layers as locks get longer to avoid odd lengths as it grows out. You can also add color to ends to lessen the severity of a blunt cut.

Get creative with clips


Accessorize your way to a style you can manage. Especially in that difficult pixie to bob stage, a well-placed barette can go a long way.

Pin colorful clips in your hair to tame a ponytail or updo and swipe a bobby pin to anchor those not so short, but not long enough yet bangs. Have fun with the styles you can create, and if all else fails, a beautifully patterned scarf or intricate headband can be a life-saver.

Patience will get you there


Although it might feel like forever, hair is only temporary, and so is your dismay over your current look. Believe it or not, bad haircuts can be good things, although they certainly may not seem so at the time. By taking a chance on a new look, you can learn what styles do and don’t work for you, and what hairstyles will make you feel your best and will be most practical to manage according to your daily lifestyle. So splurge on a hair mask and rock that barette. Great hair starts with great attitude.



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