Explore the Rainbow: Gorgeous Non-Traditional Hair Colors to Try


Non-traditional, fantasy colors, fashion colors, vivid hair, bright hair, unicorn hair – whatever you want to call it, it’s no longer just for quirky artists or punk kids looking to make a statement. This color trend has steadily become more mainstream and is more acceptable (and sought-after) now than it has ever been.

Whether you’re ready to dive in head first for an all-over color or bold streaks or want to keep it a little more low-key with subtle tones or hidden highlights, there’s an endless array of non-traditional colors and styles to choose from.

Fall is the perfect time for a hair color transformation. (Why should the leaves get to have all the fun?) We’ve raked together a few of our favorite looks to help inspire you.

Silvery Grey With Vibrant Tips


Grey is not just for grandmas! Dramatic, stunning silver tresses are chic, edgy and on trend. This head-turning hue is the perfect base to combine with vibrant color. Instead of an all-over solid silver, have your stylist add a fun pop of purple, pink, blue or any color of the rainbow to amp up this style even more.

Rose Gold


Somewhere between full-on pink, strawberry blonde and red lies the gorgeous blend of rose gold. It’s the perfect shade to breathe new life into nearly any traditional hair color. Amazingly versatile, this hue mixes perfectly with blonde, brown or red shades and complements all skin tones. Thanks to its golden undertones, rose gold can look surprisingly natural.


If a bolder look is what you crave, go for a brighter pink tone to give your hair a life of its own. There are a plethora of shades to choose from to add a welcome punch of color to your hair just in time for the cooler days ahead.

Dark and Dyed


Deep, intense tones are striking when paired with dark hair colors like brown or black. Mermaid shades of teal, green and blue or fairy tones of purple are perfect shades for showing off your wild side. For a hassle free grow-out, keep your roots natural and apply color only to the ends.



Peekaboo color mixes playfulness and creativity to spice up your hair color with a hidden surprise. The best thing about peekaboo color is there are no rules! You can have color added anywhere you like – on the under side of your hair, a section between the top and bottom layers, just on one side, confined to one area or scattered throughout your hair. As the name implies, peekaboo color is carefully placed to be hidden for the most part with just a few strands peeking through or revealed only when you wear your hair in a style to show it off, like a whole or half updo. Peekaboo color is a great way to dip your toe into the non-traditional color pool or test out any color you’re not familiar with.

Caring For Your Color

Vivid hair color takes a completely different approach than traditional color and requires a little extra TLC to keep it looking great.

For best results, many of these colors require hair to be pre-lightened to a very pale yellow to create a clean canvas for the truest version of a color. While this can be done safely by a professional, the process can still zap moisture from your hair. To combat dryness, use a deep conditioning treatment one or two times a week.

Another big difference is non-traditional color is typically semi-permanent. Rather than penetrating the cuticle like permanent color, it sits on top of the hair. So, it fades with every wash - literally washing color down the drain. To help your color last longer, try to only use shampoo once a week. Be sure to use products specially designed for color treated hair and use cool water to help keep color in place.

UV rays are one of hair color’s worst enemies. One reason to look forward to the shorter days of fall and winter is reduced sun exposure. But, if you do plan to spend time outside, spritz hair with a leave-in conditioner to reduce fading and sun damage.

Non-traditional colors add fun flair to any style and can even be addictive. Once you get a taste, you may be hooked and keep coming back for more. Luckily, there is no shortage of colors to choose from - explore the rainbow!

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