Fancy Hairstyles You Need to Try This Wedding Season


Spring is here, and you know what that means: wedding season is right around the corner! Whether you’re the maid of honor, a bridesmaid or cherished guest, here are three elegant and fancy hairstyles to turn heads at the next wedding you attend (when the bride isn’t nearby, that is). 

High-bun Updo


Aim high at your next wedding with this elegant, versatile and easy-to-achieve hairstyle. We know you'll look fantastic rocking the high-bun updo at any wedding or other glamorous event you have coming up. 

Here's how to get the look just right:

  1. Start by working some dry shampoo through your hair for an extra hold while styling.
  2. Grab a flat brush and comb your hair into a ponytail.
  3. Set the ponytail with a hair band.
  4. Twirl your ponytail into a chignon.
  5. Use a second hair band to set the chignon.
  6. Use a finishing hairspray to set the look, and, voila, you’re done!

Crown Braid


Nothing says elegant quite like a crown, right? Well, with the crown braid, you won’t even need to pick up an accessory – the crown comes standard with the hairstyle. 

While the look may appear intricate, it’s fairly simple to style on your own. Here’s how: 

  1. Use a center part to divide your hair into two equal sections using your neck and shoulders to keep the parts separated.
  2. Brush out any tangles in each part and secure the left side with a hair clip to keep it out of the way.
  3. Grab a small section of hair from the right half and start a cross-under braid straight out from your head parallel to your shoulder.
  4. Work the hair into a Dutch braid that moves up over your right ear and across or above your forehead.
  5. Continue the Dutch braid until you’ve incorporated all the hair from the right half of your part and secure with a clear elastic band.
  6. Unclip the left part and repeat steps three through five on that section of hair.
  7. Create the crown by pulling one of the braids over the top of your head and securing it with a bobby pin.
  8. Grab the other section and push it against the other braid.
  9. Secure the second braid with a bobby pin, and, boom, you’re good to go!

For more inspiration, check out these tutorials on how to rock some fantastic braids

Beach Waves


The hairstyles above are all well and good for a traditional wedding. But if you have a destination wedding on the horizon, you’ll need a style that’s a little more daring to match the occasion. If you’re heading to a tropical destination for your next wedding or Gram-worthy event, you should definitely think about going with beach waves.

Beach waves are elegant and beautiful, but they also give off a laid-back and care-free aura, making them perfect for oceanside nuptials. Here’s how to get the style just right:

  1. Separate the top two-thirds of your hair and clip it on the top of your head to keep it out of your way. 
  2. Apply heat protectant spray to your hair to prevent any damage while curling.
  3. Grab your curling wand and start wrapping 1- to 2-inch sections of your hair, twisting them as you go for a messier look.
  4. Leave the hair around the wand for a few seconds with each wrap, then, release and immediately tug at the ends for looser curls.
  5. Continue curling various sections of the bottom third of your hair, alternating directions for a messier texture.
  6. Unclip the hair on the top of your head and curl the face-framing sections of your hair away from your face.
  7. Set the look by spraying your roots and strands with a shaping spray.
  8. Use your fingers to break up the waves and give the style a tousled look.
  9. Double check the mirror and head for the beach because you are done!

If you try out any of these styles at the next wedding you go to, we want to know. Show off your fancy hairstyle by sharing your pics with @fantasticsams on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #FantasticLife and #FantasticSams.  

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